Reservist Assistance Program

The Reservists’ Assistance Program (RAP) helps prevent conflicts between Reservists and employers, and assists in resolution when necessary.

Reservists are encouraged to use the tools and resources provided by the CFLC and to call upon their Reserve Unit Military Leave Representative and chain of command to try and resolve any conflicts between their civilian careers or studies and their military training and service.

The RAP provides direct assistance to a Reservist when help is needed to find common ground between the Reservist and the employer or educational institution. The aim of the program is to seek a successful resolution that benefits both parties. The RAP is also supported by the CFLC Reserve Unit Support Program (RUSP), which provides Primary Reservists and their Commanding Officers with the resources to help them gain the support of local employers and educational institutions.

Reservists wishing to initiate a RAP action should contact their Reserve Unit Military Leave Representative, followed by their CFLC Liaison Officer.

CFLC does not contact a Reservist’s civilian employer or educational institution without the consent of the military member. Thus, Reservists are advised to fill out the privacy waiver form to ensure their employer or educator is not contacted without prior approval. If you require additional RAP assistance, please contact the CFLC Secretariat


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