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Canadian Forces Liaison Council Employer / Educator Support Award Nomination Form


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Nominations are accepted from Primary Reservists or Commanding Officers of units employing Primary Reservists.

Following the nomination deadline, a letter will be sent to all nominees thanking them for their support of the Reserve Force. A copy of this letter will be sent to the nominator and the nominators Commanding Officer. All nominations will then be sent to the CFLC Provincial committees for the selection of those that will receive Provincial Awards, the selection committee will also select a short list of nominations that will be sent to Ottawa to be considered for the National Awards.

All Reservists are encouraged to nominate their civilian employer or educator for a CFLC award.

If a nomination is selected for an Award at either the Provincial or National Level, CFLC will cover the travel costs for the nominator and the winner to attend the Awards Ceremony. In cases where appropriate, two representatives from the winning organization may be invited to attend the ceremony. An example of this would be to have a local representative and a representative from the corporate headquarters. If a nomination is made on behalf of a group of Reservists, the group will be asked to select one representative to attend the ceremony.

Tips for writing a successful nomination

Ensure the information is accurate. Complete mailing address, proper title and accurate spelling of the employer's name and the organization to be honoured are essential.

Prior to submitting your nomination, prepare the narrative of your "reason for nomination" in advance. This way you can run a spell check, and ideally have it reviewed by your unit Employer Support Rep prior to submission.

Open with a general statement about how well your employer / educational institution supports the Reserve Force and then focus on the two main items that the selection committees will be looking for:

Active support of individual Reservist(s) in its employ

  • Provide an overall statement of how supportive your employer/educational institution has been.
  • Give some specific examples when they have granted you time off, or in the case of students, special consideration that allowed you to go on training or operations.
  • If you were granted time off for an international or domestic operation(s) provide the name of the operation(s), the dates you were deployed, what position you held while deployed, whether there were any special skill sets that you brought to the mission that made an impact.
  • While you were away, did your employer provide any special assistance to your family such as top up pay and maintenance of family medical plans etc.
  • If deployed, did the employer or school publicly recognize your deployment i.e. mention in a newsletter or hold a send off and/or welcome home function.
  • Has your employer/educator made positive comments on how military training has increased/improved your performance?
  • Has your military service been mentioned in performance reviews?
  • Look to the future. Provide an overall statement of how your relationship with your employer will stand to benefit if your employer is selected for an Award. For example, are you looking to request a significant amount of time off in the future to go on an operation or a career course?

Reservist Friendly human resource practices

  • Do they have a documented military leave policy?
  • Cut and paste the text of the policy into your nomination.
  • If they do not have a policy how flexible have they been in granting time off.
  • Do they provide top up pay?
  • Do they maintain benefits while on military service?
  • Have they granted time off on short notice?
  • Do they take an active interest and encourage you to continue your reserve service?
  • Do they have a large number of Reservists within the organization?
  • Do they actively try and recruit and hire other Reservists?

Put yourself in the position of the selection committee that is reviewing the nominations. What can you say about your employer/educator that will make your nomination stand above the rest. The more information you provide and the better you articulate your reason for nomination, the better the chance that your nomination will be selected for an award.

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