Kevin McLeod – Biography

CFLC Northwest Territories Chair

Kevin McLeod graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston) with a degree in Civil Engineering. Upon graduating from University, Kevin joined the Canadian Army as a Military Engineer and served for 28 years. He was involved in many operations across the globe and in Canada serving with both NATO and the UN. Kevin has been involved in engineer projects and humanitarian projects (reconstruction, minefield clearance and disaster relief operations) both at home and abroad. He was the Chief Engineer in Cyprus with the UN and served in Bosnia with NATO. Kevin was involved as a Commanding Officer of an Engineer Regiment for the CF response to both the 1998 ice storm in Ontario and the 1997 flood in Manitoba.

Kevin had the honour of serving as an Engineer Regiment Commander (2 Combat Engineer Regiment, Petawawa, ON), Acting Base Commander (Petawawa), the Commander of Canada's Northern Region and as the Director Land Force Readiness for the Army for the initial deployments into Afghanistan; operations around the globe; and planning for many contingency and security operations in Canada and around the world.

Upon retirement from the CF, Kevin and his family relocated to Yellowknife where he joined BBE as a Director. Kevin commenced work as the Director of Highways and Marine Division of the Northwest Territories Department of Transportation in May 2004 and has been involved in all highway reconstruction, bridge construction and marine operations.

Kevin is an avid skier, golfer, biker and sailor.


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