Military Leave Action Plan (MLAP)

The purpose of the MLAP is to review the Reservist's civilian work/school situation, and with the help of the unit Military Leave Representative, develop an appropriate course of action to reduce the chance of conflict between the member's military and civilian careers. The MLAP is to be completed by Class A Reservists at the annual unit AAG and upon self-identification. For Class B or C service over 120 days, parts A and B can be completed by the member in advance, the remaining parts shall be completed during an interview with the unit ML Rep. Parts B and D are voluntary and can be declined by the member by indicating in the appropriate checkbox. If the member's employment/school circumstances change, or any time the member seeks assistance with a military leave matter, a review/revision of this plan with the ML Rep is recommended.

Part A: Member Information

  • [SN]
  • [Rank]
  • [Surname]
  • [Given name]
  • [Phone (home)]
  • [Phone (daytime)]
  • [Email address]
  • [Reserve unit]
  • Purpose of Action Plan
    • Annual AAG  
    • [Deployment / training (specify):]

Part B: Description of Current Work/School Situation

  • Member Declined to provide
  • [Name of organization]
  • Type
    • Private sector
    • Public sector
    • Education sector
    • Other
  • I am a
    • Employee
    • Student
  • I have been at this organization for ____ years
  • Student/Employee Number ___________
  • Description of member’s civilian employment or program of studies:
  • Does this organization have a military leave policy?
    • YES
    • NO
    • DON’T KNOW (If yes, describe)
  • Has there been a previous problem obtaining Military Leave from this organization?
    • YES
    • NO (If yes, describe)

Part C: Review of Upcoming Training/Deployment and Military Leave Needs

In the next 12 months my military training or deployment plans that may conflict with my current employment or education obligations are as follows:

  • Member’s intended course of action to de-conflict military and civilian goals:
    • Approach employer/educator to propose developing a Military Leave Policy (CFLC can assist if requested)
    • Provide a CFLC Employer or Education Info Kit to member to give to employer/educator
    • Nominate employer/educator for attending a unit-level ExecuTrek
    • Prepare a Military Leave Request Letter using the templates
    • Member or ML Rep to prepare a CO Request letter to be sent to member’s employer (Part E waiver required)
    • Request direct assistance from unit CO and/or the CFLC (if considered necessary, Part E waiver required)
    • No course of action intended (state reason below)
    • Member intends to quit/resign from current employment or program of studies (state reason below)
  • [Other (specify):]
  • Member’s intentions on completion of Class B or C service:
    • Return to previous civilian employer or school
    • Component transfer
    • Seek new Class B or C
  • [Other (specify):]
  • Not sure
  • [Additional notes/comments on intended course of action:]

Part D: Review of Past Support by Employer/Educator

  • Member Declined to provide
  • [In the past 12 months my employer/educator supported my military career by:]
  • Member’s intended course of action to recognize employer’s support (see templates section) [link]:
  • Prepare and send a letter of thanks to employer/educator
  • Request a Certificate of Recognition to be presented to employee
  • For exceptional support, submit a nomination for a provincial/national support award

Part E: Contact Realease and Privacy Waiver

I hereby revoke all previous contact release forms pertaining to Canadian Armed Forces contact with my employer or educational institution. I hereby authorize/do not authorize contact with my civilian employer or educational institution on my behalf in writing, verbally, or in person, by the Department of National Defence. My authorization is conditional upon and subject to the following limitations and restrictions (specify if any):

Purpose of contact may include but not be limited to request for leave for military course, training, deployment, notification of promotion, invitation to an employer support event (if Reservist is mentioned in the invitation), mediation intervention, confirmation of awards nomination information, etc. The person making contact as representative of DND may include Commanding Officer or designate, unit Military Leave rep, CFLC provincial liaison officer, CFLC support staff, CFLC civilian council member, etc. Contact will generally be made with prior consultation with and verbal consent of the member.

  • [Member’s signature]
  • [Date;]
  • [Witness (ML Rep) signature]
  • [Date]

Part F: ML Rep Briefing with Member

  • Member provided with copy of CFLC Reservist Guide and enclosed wallet card filled out
  • Current work/school situation (Part B) discussed with member
  • Member Declined
  • Member counselled on unit and CFLC resources available to assist with obtaining Military Leave (Part C)
  • Intended course of approach (Part C) discussed and determined with member
  • Options for recognition of employer support (Part D) discussed with member
  • Member Declined
  • Contact Release and Privacy Waiver (Part E) reviewed, discussed and completed with member
  • [Date:]
  • [Member’s signature:]
  • [Unit ML Rep name:]
  • [ML Rep initials:]

Part G: ML Rep Follow-up

  • Provide member with copy of completed MLAP
  • Provide member with CFLC employer kit (if requested)
  • Assist member with Military Leave Request Letter
  • Request/prepare/mail CO request letter to employer (WAIVER REQ’D)
  • Request CO intervention with employer (WAIVER REQ’D)
  • Request CFLC intervention with employer (WAIVER REQ’D)
  • Employer Support Recognition (Part D) actions implemented
  • Unit-level ExecuTrek proposed
  • [(other):]
  • [ML Rep Progress Notes:]
  • [Date]
  • [Remarks]
  • DistributionOriginal – Unit ML Rep
  • [Photocopy – Member]
  • [Photocopy – CFLC Liaison Officer (if CFLC intervention is requested)]


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