Military Occupations and Related Civilian Occupations

The following table is a listing of reserve Military Occupation Codes (MOCs) and related civilian occupations. They may help to better describe military qualifications to civilian employers. Because of the nature of military occupations, some military jobs may or may not be adequately described by a single civilian occupation title.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) compiled a list of civilian occupations, known as the National Occupation Classification (NOC) catalogue. The numbers assigned to these codes were cross-referenced with military MOCs for the purpose of designating related civilian job fields in which potential recruits for an MOC could be found. You will find profiles for each occupation number in the NOC section of HRSDC's Web site.

To assist Reservists in describing their military jobs in civilian terms, the following table includes extracts from the cross-referencing of NOCs with MOCs. The related civilian occupations are a guide only, are not comprehensive and may not apply to all members of that particular occupation.

Descriptions of MOCs may assist Reservists in describing their jobs to civilian employers. For further information on particular MOCs, a full listing of the related civilian occupations and a full description of all aspects of a military occupation, training requirements and so on, consult the Directorate of Military Human Resource Requirements library. The related civilian occupations can be found in section 1 of each Occupational Specification document.

Combat arms occupations are unique to the military and do not have civilian equivalents. However, certain elements of the MOC may be transferable. As well, the leadership, time management, organizational skills (to name a few) that are common to these trades are also pertinent skills that can be used in the civilian work world.

The military occupations and their related civilian occupations are:


 Military OccupationCivilian Occupation No. 1Civilian Occupation No. 2Civilian Occupation No. 3Civilian Occupation No. 4
Aerospace Control Officer 2272 0643    
Aerospace Control Operator 2272      
Aerospace Engineering Officer 2146      
Aerospace Telecommunication and Information Systems Technician 2241      
Air Combat Systems Officer 2271      
Aircraft Structures Technician 7315      
Armour Officer 6464 0643    
Armoured Soldier 6464      
Artillery Officer 6464 0643    
Artillery Soldier – Air Defence 6464      
Artillery Soldier – Field 6464      
Aviation Systems Technician 7315      
Avionics Systems Technician 2244      
Biomedical Electronics Technologist 3212 3215 3216  
Boatswain 7433      
Chaplain 4154      
Combat Engineer 6464      
Communications and Electronics Engineering (Air) Officer 2133      
Communicator Research Operator 6464      
Construction Technician 2231      
Cook 6242      
Dental Officer 3113      
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officer 2133      
Electrical Distribution Technician 7241 7242    
Electrical Generating Systems Technician 7243 7352 7351  
Engineering Officer 2131      
Fire Fighter 6262      
Geomatics Technician 2255      
Health Care Administration Officer 4165 311    
Imagery Technician 5221 5222    
Infantry Officer 6464 0643    
Infantry Soldier 6464      
Intelligence Officer, Naval Reserve 6464 0643    
Intelligence Operator 6464      
Land Communications and Information Systems Technician 2241      
Legal Officer 4112      
Line Technician 2242      
Logistics (Support), Naval Reserve Officer 1221 631 1215 713
Logistics Officer 1221 631 1215 713
Maritime Surface and Sub-surface Officer 2273      
Medical Officer 3112      
Medical Technician 3234 2263 3414  
Military Police 6261      
Military Police Officer 6261 641    
Mobile Support Equipment Operator 1475 7411 7412 7421
Musician 5133      
Naval Combat Information Operator 1475      
Naval Communicator 1475      
Nursing Officer 3152      
Personnel Selection Officer 1223      
Pharmacy Officer 3131      
Pilot 2271      
Plumbing and Heating Technician 7251      
Port Inspection Diver 7382      
Public Affairs Officer 5124      
Refrigeration and Mechanical Systems Technician 7313      
Resource Management Support Clerk, Air Reserve 1431 1441 1411  
Resource Management Support Clerk, Army Reserve 1431 1441 1411  
Resource Management Support Clerk, Naval Reserve 1431 1441 1411  
Signal Operator 7245 7246 1475  
Supply Technician, Air Reserve 1474 1472 1215  
Supply Technician, Army Reserve 1474 1472 1215  
Supply Technician, Naval Reserve 1474 1472 1215  

 Signals (Officer)

Traffic Technician 7437      
Vehicle Technician, Army Reserve 7321      
Water, Fuels and Environmental Technician 2211 2231    
Weapons Technician – Land 7231      




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