Privacy Waiver

Even if Reservists have read all the information in their Guide, and have spoken with the ES Rep or their military supervisor about employer support, they may still not want their employer to know about their Reserve Force activities. This is their choice and it must be respected. Therefore, it is imperative that all employed and student Reservists fill out this privacy waiver form, to ensure that no one's employer or educator is contacted without their prior approval.

On the form Reservists can either give or deny permission for their employer or educator to be contacted. The ES Rep should retain a copy of each Reservist's signed form on file. Notwithstanding the signed copy on file, Reservists should be asked to reconfirm their permission to contact their employer, if at all possible, whenever a situation arises that would indicate that contact should be made. The following waiver may be copied and reproduced locally:

I, [SN] _______ [rank]_______

[name and initials] _______

hereby authorize / do not authorize contact with my civilian employer/educator within the context of my civilian or military employment, or my civilian education.

[employer/educator name]_______

at [institution name] _______

[address] _______

[telephone number] _______[fax number]_______

in writing verbally in person for the purpose of [nature or reason for contact]


by [individual or organization making contact] _______

Signature _______ Date _______


I, [SN] _______ [rank] _______ [name and initials] _______ hereby retract any and all earlier permissions to contact my civilian employer for any reason in the context of my civilian or military employment.

Signature _______ Date _______

Purpose of contact may include, but not be limited to, request for leave for military course or training, operational deployment, notification of promotion, invitation to unit employer support event (if Reservist is mentioned in context of invitation), mediation intervention, confirmation of awards nomination information, notification of presentation of award, CFLC special projects such as ministerial thank-you letters, etc. Individual making contact may include Commanding Officer or designate, Provincial Liaison Officer, CFLC Secretariat staff member, etc.


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