These resources include legislation, policies, guides, awards information, and more to assist employers, educators, and Reservists.

Tools for Members
  • Letters to employers and educators - Pro forma letters have been prepared that Reservists and Commanding Officers can use as a starting point for correspondence with employers.
  • Resume Writing Guide - According to a Financial Post report on careers and the job market, math, science, engineering and communication skills are becoming increasingly important to all sizes of companies. But shortages of highly skilled, trained technical personnel in Canada also appear to be growing.
  • Certificates of Recognition - Through the Reserve Unit Support Program Reservists can request a certificate of recognition for specific instances where an employer has been very supportive. Reservists may submit the information below to their unit employer support representative who will forward on to the Liaison Officer for printing.
  • Reservist Assistance Program - The Reservists’ Assistance Program (RAP) helps prevent conflicts between Reservists and employers, and assists in resolution when necessary.
Tools for Employers and Educators
  • Military Leave Policy - This Guide will assist employers, managers, Human Resources professionals and supervisors in writing a Military Leave Policy to assist your Reservist employees and/or student Reservists. In this Guide you will find general information on the Reserves, on job protection legislation, and the steps to follow in writing your own Policy. You will also find contact information for the members of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council who can help you at any stage in the process.
  • Job Protection Legislation - Since June 2012, the federal government, all ten provincial governments, and all three territories have passed job protection legislation for Reservists. Some jurisdictions also have separate legislation that offers protection for student Reservists, and some have introduced regulations which include more details to support and clarify what the Reservist's entitlements are under the legislation.
References and Resources

Job Protection Legislation Links - Overview

Federal Legislation

Provincial and Territorial Legislation

Canadian Armed Forces Jobs - Members of the Reserve Force serve part time in the Forces. They may serve a few evenings a week or on weekends at locations close to home. However, in the event of a threat or crisis, reservists may be asked to serve full time as part of a mission in Canada or overseas. As a reservist, the choice to go is always voluntary. The main role of the Reserve Force is to support the Regular Force at home and abroad.

Each Reserve unit offers a variety of interesting and challenging jobs so explore what each unit in your area has to offer before making a choice. Reserve unit locations and jobs can be found on the Find a Recruiter page of this Web site.

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Forms and Templates

Employer Support Awards Nominations - Awards are presented in a two-year cycle and awarded at the Provincial and National Levels. All Canadian employers, and educational institutions, in both the private and public sectors, are eligible. All Reservists are encouraged to nominate their civilian employer or educator for a CFLC award.

Military Leave Action plan - The purpose of the MLAP is to review the Reservist's civilian work/school situation, and with the help of the unit Military Leave Representative, develop an appropriate course of action to reduce the chance of conflict between the member's military and civilian careers.

Privacy Waiver - Even if Reservists have read all the information in their Guide, and have spoken with the Employment Support Rep or their military supervisor about employer support, they may still not want their employer to know about their Reserve Force activities. This is their choice and it must be respected. Therefore, it is imperative that all employed and student Reservists fill out this privacy waiver form, to ensure that no one's employer or educator is contacted without their prior approval.

Request for Mediation Intervention - Submit details of a situation requiring Mediation intervention to the Provincial Liaison Officer.

Executrek Nominations - The ExecuTrek Program gives employers, supervisors and human resources professionals a first-hand view of the quality of military training and the benefits that employers can gain from that training – trade skills, general work and management skills, values, work ethics and much more. Once you see them in action, you’ll want to take advantage of the ongoing professional development that the military offers. All it takes is agreeing to allow Reservists to take military leave without penalty to keep up with their military activities. You may also be interested in finding out how to hire Reservists for your company.

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