School Zone: Parents

Parents know that kids are naturally curious and that they take a hands-on approach to exploring their surroundings. If there is a UXO risk nearby then it is important for kids and teens to know what it is, what to do and, more importantly, what not to do.

Children often come home from school and tell their parents about what they learned that day. You may have learned about UXO from your kids this way. As you also live and work in the community, it may be a good time to explore this Web site and see if you may be exposed to risks when at work or at play.

Our experts often give UXO safety presentations to elementary and high school students. Below are links to the material that is presented.

  1. Videos
    1. Say no to UXO
    2. A Legacy Renewed
    3. Underwater UXO
  2. Classroom Activities
    1. UXO Quiz
    2. Colouring Pages

To request hard copies of educational material or to find out more about our school program, please contact us.