Practicing UXO Safety in Shilo, Manitoba

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Camp Hughes was used as a military training area from 1910 to the 1930s. It was one of Canada’s major training centres during the first half of the First World War. A wide variety of artillery, infantry and cavalry training exercises took place, including live fire exercises. The Spirit Sands, located southeast of Camp Hughes, were used to provide training for aircrews, bombing and rocketry from 1952 to 1971.

There is a possibility of discovering unexploded explosive ordnance (UXO) when visiting Camp Hughes and the Spirit Sands. UXO is the term for military explosives that were used but failed to function properly.

If you see something that could be UXO, do not touch it! If UXO is disturbed, it could explode and cause serious injury or death. Leave the area and call your local police.

The following are examples of unexploded explosive ordnance (UXO).

UXO in the sand

UXO/Grenade in between rocks

  • Don’t touch it!
  • Remember the location and leave the area.
  • Call 911.