Protecting Canadians from UXO

Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) is the term for military explosives prepared for action and used but which remain unexploded. Some examples of UXO are unexploded bombs, rockets, grenades, artillery shells, flares, mortars, and hazardous residues that may remain after a partial detonation.

Over the years, hundreds of locations across Canada have been used as military training areas and weapons ranges. Wartime action along Canada’s coasts and incidents involving ships, planes or vehicles carrying explosive ordnance have also created “legacy sites” at which UXO may still remain today.

The DND UXO Program

The DND UXO Program works to reduce explosive safety risks at all legacy sites. The Program identifies and catalogues such sites, assesses risks, and works to reduce UXO risk through property controls, assessment surveys, UXO clearance operations, and public education.

Risk Assessment

UXO creates a safety risk wherever it exists. The level of risk is determined by the probability that people will encounter UXO, combined with the probability that encounters will lead to personal injury. The limits of current UXO detection methods mean that even the most thorough inspection and clearance operations cannot reduce UXO safety risks to zero. On former UXO sites, caution is ALWAYS advised.

For More Information...

Contact UXOCanada or call our information line at: 1-800-207-0599

What Should You Do?

Where UXO warning signs have been posted, Obey the instructions and STAY SAFE!

If you find something that could be UXO...

  1. Don’t touch it!
    If disturbed, UXO can explode, causing death or injury.
  2. Remember the location and leave the area
    Remember where you saw the object. Go back the same way you came.
  3. Call 911 or local police
    As soon as possible, report what you found by calling 911 or contacting local police.


    New and shiny, old and rusty, clean or dirty, all UXO is dangerous!