Scrap Yards

If you handle or process scrap metal then you may be in possession of dangerous munitions scrap. You may not even be aware that you have it.

Munitions scrap consists of any parts or by-products of Canadian Forces ammunition. It includes shell casings, projectiles, launchers, shrapnel, fuzes and munition scrap.

Past incidents and accidents surrounding munitions that had previously been screened by DND prior to their sale as munitions scrap to scrap yards have resulted in a moratorium on the sale of munition scrap. As a result and in an effort to ensure public safety, DND no longer sells its munition scrap to scrap yards.

The UXO and Legacy Sites Program has been working with the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, informing its members of the risks associated with processing potential UXO and establishing a process for reclaiming, with compensation, munition scrap.

If you have items that resemble munitions in any way, even if it has been certified by DND, please contact us immediately. It is important that you not process it, or offer it for resale or distribution.

Advice for Scrap Processors

If you have or suspect having munition scrap you should:

  • be aware that munition scrap can become more unstable and dangerous over time;
  • not move or disturb the items;
  • not process, sell or redistribute the items, and
  • contact us immediately.