School Zone: Teachers

Educators are our most important partners in helping to keep kids safe from old munitions. Below you will find links to resources that you may wish to share with your students. You may also want to consider the UXO issue if you are planning a field trip in your community that could potentially expose students to risk.

Our UXO experts are available to go to schools in areas where UXO is known to exist and deliver an information session to elementary and high school students. We use age-appropriate material to inform students how to stay safe. If you are interested in having an information session delivered to your students please contact us.

To request hard copies of the material below and/or to find out more about our school program, please contact us.


  1. Videos
    1. Say No to UXO
    2. A Legacy Renewed
    3. Underwater UXO 
  2. Classroom Activities
    1. UXO Quiz
    2. Colouring Pages

We are very interested in feedback from educators about our presentations and the School Zone section of our website. Please contact us if you have ideas or concerns.