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Do you know what UXO is?

Do you know why it is dangerous?

Do you know what to do if you find UXO?

Activities for kids

The Quiz

True or False?

1. Old bombs are also called UXO.

This is true! UXO stands for Unexploded Explosive Ordnance, another name for old bombs.

2. UXO can look just like a rusty old pipe or piece of metal.

This is true! It is wise not to touch or otherwise disturb old or rusted metal you may come across.

3. It is OK to brush away the dirt from a piece of metal to see if it is UXO.

This is false! The slightest touch could cause UXO to explode.

4. If you see something that could be UXO, then you should not touch it, leave the way you came and tell an adult or the police.

This is true! That is exactly what you should do.

5. It is OK to poke UXO with a stick or throw rocks at it as long as you are a safe distance away from it.

This is false! If you are close enough to throw something at it or poke it with a stick then you will be injured or killed if it explodes.

6. The longer UXO has been around, the less likely it is going to explode.

This is false! Old bombs can become more unstable over time and be more likely to explode.

7. Old bombs that are under the water or on the beach can’t explode because they are wet.

This is false! Wet UXO is just as dangerous as dry UXO.

8. If someone you know has an old bomb or other munitions like a grenade on a shelf in their house then it must be safe.

This is false! It could still be dangerous. “Souvenir” UXO can be very dangerous.

If you see something that could be UXO:

1. Don't touch it!
Make sure that you don’t get too close to it. Tell your friends to leave it alone - and tell them why. Don’t touch it, move it, or throw things at it.

2. Leave the area
Remember where you saw the object and go back the same way you came.

3. Call 9-1-1 or local police.
As soon as possible, tell an adult, call 9-1-1 or contact local police.