CFSU(O) In-Clearance Checklist

Orderly Room

The Reception Desk is located on the 5th floor, North Tower, Pearkes Bldg, at 101 Col By Dr. This should be your first stop in Ottawa.

Note: Members posted to the Startop Bldg must clear in the Det Startop OR instead of Pearkes Bldg.

Personal Liability and Clearance Certificate (PLCC): newly posted personnel must contact the Reception Desk at 613-996-1044. Hours of operation: 0730 to 1600 hrs, Monday to Friday.

Note: Customers wearing any of these items will be denied service: Denim clothing (including jeans, cargo pants, overalls), sports clothing (sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweat pants, spandex pants, shorts, rugby pants) and running shoes, beach/sports sandals or flip-flops.

Pay & Records Section

The Comptroller and Corporate Services Branches are located on the 5th floor, North Tower, in the Pearkes Bldg.

Cashier: The CFSU(O) Cashier is located on the 5th floor, North Tower, in the Pearkes Bldg. Hours of operation: 0730 to 1400 hrs, Monday to Friday.

***Emergency Financial Services: During silent hours and on weekends and statutory holidays, contact the CFSU(O) Duty Clerk at 613-222-7629 to reach the Duty Cashier.

Brookfield Relocation Services (formerly known as Royal LePage Relocation Services or RLRS)

Located on the 6th floor, North Tower North, Pearkes Bldg. Brookfield Global Relocation Services is the civilian contractor responsible for administering DND moves under CF IRP. This is where you complete your relocation claim. Hours of operation: 0800 to 1600 hrs, Monday to Friday. Contact: Reception desk, 613-992-7361 or email,

Furniture and Effects (F&E)

The Furniture and Effects section at CFSU(O) is responsible for assisting Regular Force members, dependants, and DND civilian employees employed within the NCR with the movement of F&E within Canada, the US and overseas. F&E is located on the 6th floor, North Tower, Pearkes Bldg. Hours of operation:

0800 to 1200 hrs and 1300 to 1600 hrs, Monday to Friday.

If you have just arrived in Ottawa and are waiting to receive your furniture, contact the CFSU(O) Furniture and Effects Section (F&E) at the following numbers:

  • F&E Supervisor : 613-992-8765       
  • Incoming Within Canada: 613-992-8771
  • Outgoing Within Canada: 613-995-1018
  • Incoming from International: 613-996-6251
  • Outgoing to International: 613-996-5416

Pass Control

located on the 1st floor, North Tower, Pearkes Bldg. The Pass Control section supports CF members and DND employees in the NCR through the provision of fingerprint, identity card and building pass services.

Passes and ID Cards: New arrivals to the NCR must have the original DND-1102 form, completed by their Unit Security Supervisor (USS), before a pass will be issued. Contact your USS for more information on replacing lost, damaged or expired passes.

New military or civilian ID card: Personnel who require a new military or civilian ID card, or whose ID card is about to expire, may report to Pass Control without an appointment during regular business hours to have a new card issued to them. Photographs are required for all ID cards. Military members must be wearing their DEU tunic with shirt and tie.

For more information, contact 613-992-5467.


In-clearances for the messes will be done by completing your Mess Affiliation Form during your first visit to CFSU(O)’s Orderly Room. Nonetheless, you are invited to check-in with your Mess by phone or through their respec- tive websites to find out about their activity calendars.

*** Keep in mind that you will have to go to your mess to clear out.


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