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Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa), CFSU(O), is the base for the National Capital Region (NCR), and as such, is the gateway to the services you would find at any other base or wing in Canada.

The Unit provides administrative support to approximately 10 000 military personnel employed in the NCR. CFSU(Ottawa) also oversees primary military, first aid, and safety training for all military personnel within the NCR. The Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre (CRPTC), situated 22 km west of Ottawa at Shirley’s Bay on the Ottawa River, belongs to CFSU(O) and provides training support resources for the CF, cadet and other agencies in the NCR, and for specified national activities.

CFSU(O) is responsible for approximately 70 leased and owned CAF and DND occupied buildings in the NCR in both Ontario and Quebec, including Uplands and CRPTC.


CFSU(O)’s role is to deliver:

  • administrative support and comptroller services to military personnel within the NCR
  • transport and supply services to units, detachments and elements located in the NCR
  • morale, spiritual and, welfare services
  • fitness and sports programs
  • parades and protocol
  • management of unit facilities for organizations located in the NCR
  • security and Military Police (SAMP) services, including contracted security escorts for NCR units
  • support services as part of the General Safety Program to units, detachments and elements in the NCR
  • training at Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre
  • the Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Public Affairs Support Services and Imaging Services

The Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) (CFSU(O)), is the largest base in Canada.  CFSU(O)’s history is closely interwoven with the histories of Canadian Forces Bases Rockcliffe and Uplands, as well as the streamlining and downsizing processes within the National Capital Region (NCR).

CFSU(O) first existed as Commandant, Army Headquarters, and on 12 May 1950, it was renamed the No 1 Army Administrative Unit (1AAU). The unit’s abilities and function were greatly enhanced with the formation of the Army Special Forces and with the procurement of Paymaster AHQ from the Directorate of Pay Services. Tasked to recruit for the Army Special Forces and with the responsibility for the administration of all pay matters for Army HQ personnel, 1AAU’s role would expand to be even greater in the 1960s with the amalgamation of the three distinct military service branches. The branches were integrated to form Canadian Forces Headquarters (CFHQ) and the three existing HQ Administrative Units; 1AAU, HMCS Bytown and 1 RCAF Administrative unit, were amalgamated and redesigned as CFHQ Administrative Unit (CFHQ AU) on 7 December 1964. This newly formed unit had broader administrative responsibilities centered on Administration, Office Services, Security and Finance.

Although newly formed as CFHQ AU, the amalgamation and unification process brought on by the Canadian Forces Reorganization Act, would continue to change the face of the CAF and direct the future creation of CFSU(O). Not only were the three services branches combined into a single entity, RCAF Station Rockcliffe became Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe (CFB Rockcliffe) and RCAF Station Uplands was re-designed as Canadian Forces Base Uplands (CFB Uplands).

As part of the further consolidation of DND property in the NCR, these two bases were further altered when they were merged to form CFB Ottawa in 1972. CFB Ottawa was allocated to the Commander of Air Transport Command and assumed the responsibility of providing support services to all units and elements that were previously assigned to the CFB Rockcliffe and CFB Uplands. At the same time, CFHQ was disbanded and its responsibilities were re-allocated to the newly formed NDHQ.

Substantial cutbacks by the Department of National Defense in the 1990s, forced further reorganization and consolidation within the NCR and across the Canadian Military.  Several bases were downsized, merged or closed during this period, including CFB Ottawa in 1994. That same year, the NDHQ Administrative Unit (AU) changed its name to Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa), CFSU(O), in order to better reflect a centralized support role to all components of NDHQ and selected units abroad. With the closure of 7 Wing Ottawa on 1 April 1995, CFSU(O) assumed responsibility for all ongoing support activities within the NCR.  During this transition period, CFSU(O) implemented several initiatives to improve services provided to NDHQ personnel, namely, the creation of a Multi-Service Family Resource Centre, the creation of a central reception, and the reorganization of the Administrative Section.  

Command team


Colonel R.W.H Goodyear MSM, CD

Colonel R.W.H Goodyear MSM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer

CWO J.J.D. Dubuc, MMM, CD

CWO J.J.D. Dubuc, MMM, CD

News and events

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Contact information

Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa)
Major-General George R. Pearkes Building
101 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa ON  K1A 0K2
CFSU(O) Reception Desk : 613-996-1044

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