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About CFSU(O)

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Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa), CFSU(O), is the base for the National Capital Region (NCR), and as such, is the gateway to the services you would find at any other base or wing in Canada.

Commanded by Colonel R.W.H. Goodyear, CFSU(O) oversees primary military, first aid, and safety training for all military personnel within the NCR. The Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre (CRPTC), situated 22 km west of Ottawa at Shirley’s Bay on the Ottawa River, belongs to CFSU(O) and provides training support resources for the CF, cadet and other agencies in the NCR, and for specified national activities.

CFSU(O) is responsible for approximately 70 leased and owned CAF and DND occupied buildings in the NCR in both Ontario and Quebec, including Uplands and CRPTC.

The boundaries of the NCR extend roughly from Brockville in the South to Kazabazua in the North and from Plantagenet in the East to Renfrew in the West.

CFSU(O)'s Role

CFSU(O)'s Role

CFSU(O) provides centralized support services to all components of NDHQ and assigned units within the NCR and abroad. Administrative support is provided to approximately 6,000 Regular Force and 2,000 Reserve Force members, and to nearly 9,000 civilian employees of the Department of National Defence and Staff of the Non Public Funds in the NCR.

CFSU(O)’s role is to deliver the following:

  • Administrative support and comptroller services to military personnel within the NCR;
  • Transport and supply services to units, detachments and elements located in the NCR;
  • Morale, spiritual and, welfare;
  • Fitness and sports;
  • Parades and protocol;
  • Management of unit facilities for organizations located in the NCR;
  • Security and Military Police (SAMP) services, including contracted security escorts for NCR units;
  • Support services as part of the General Safety Program to units, detachments and elements in the NCR;
  • Training at Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre;
  • The Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces; and
  • Imaging Services.
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CFSU(O) – Contact

  • CFSU(O) Reception Desk : 613-996-1044
  • E-mail:  +CFSUOttawaRecep@forces.gc.ca

  • Mailing Address:
  • Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa)
  • Department of National Defence
  • National Defence Headquarters
    Major-General George R. Pearkes Building
  • 101 Colonel By Drive
  • Ottawa, Ontario,
    Canada K1A 0K2
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