Canadian Forces Base Borden

Canadian Forces Base Borden (CFB Borden) is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Toronto, in the heart of Simcoe County, one of the major tourist areas in Ontario. CFB Borden is ideally located to service personnel from all across Canada. The base is a major economic entity in Simcoe County and enjoys excellent relations with the surrounding local communities.

The Commander of CFB Borden is Colonel L.P. McGarry, CD, who exercises administrative control over the base personnel and of those co-located units. The Base Commander is responsible for the provision of support services to all CFB Borden units, which comprises 21,000 acres of land, including a 6,000-acre training area and approximately 460 buildings.

Serving as a link between the Base and the community is Honorary Colonel Jamie Massie. Honorary Colonels have many responsibilities, including fostering unit esprit de corps, being the guardian of unit traditions and history, and to act as an advisor to the Commander on all issues, except operations.

Reporting directly to the Base Commander is Chief Warrant Officer Michael J. Charette, the Base Chief Warrant Officer. He oversees various important matters, including the dress, deportment and discipline of non-commissioned officers, Base heritage, and professional development.

The mission of CFB Borden is to support all of its customers in the most cost effective manner to enable them to accomplish their missions. These customers include several military training establishments and a variety of other military and civilian organizations located on the base.

On average, CFB Borden trains 15,000 military personnel annually. CFB Borden employs approximately 3,250 military members and 1,500 civilians.

CFB Borden contributes significantly to the region's economy. Annual salaries for military and civilian Department of National Defence employees working on the base total approximately $142 million. The annual cost of operating and maintaining the base is $49 million. Of that $49 million, $6 million goes to utilities and $5 million is a direct Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) contribution to the local government.

Military Personnel Generation Training Group (MPGTG)

The mandate of MPGTG is to train and educate Canadian Armed Forces members in trades that support our men and women in front line Sea, Land and Air occupations. A few of the many military trades taught at MPGTG include cooks; financial clerks; logisticians; engineers; firefighters; and nuclear, biological and chemical technicians to name a few. For every soldier in the field, pilot in the air or sailor at sea, there are seven other military members in trades supporting that operator in the field. MPGTG’s job is to train those people.

MPGTG is responsible for Eight Training Establishments, including four that call CFB Borden home, one located at CFB Kingston - the Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence (CFSMI), one located at CFB Winnipeg - the Canadian Forces School of Meteorology (CFS Met) and two located at Saint-Jean Garrison – the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School and a detachment of the Canadian Forces Language Schools.

MPGTG trains approximately 16,000 military personnel annually. The organization employs approximately 3,200 military members and 1,200 civilian employees.

CFB Borden also hosts units called Lodger Units which are located on the Base but do not belong to the Canadian Defence Academy, the CFB Borden/MPGTG higher Formation Command.

  • Canadian Forces Military Police Academy
  • Canadian Forces Health Services Training Centre
  • Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers School
  • Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology & Engineering
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Academy
  • 16 Wing – Borden
  • Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Angus
  • Canadian Forces Recruiting Group HQ
  • 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group
  • 400 Tactical Helicopter Sqaudron
  • 31 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre
  • 1 Dental unit
  • RPO Det – Borden
  • Civilian Human Resources Centre
  • Deputy Judge Advocate – Borden
  • Learning and Career Centre
  • Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Integrated Personnel Support Centre Borden
  • Grey and Simcoe Foresters

Borden Family Resource Centre (BFRC)

The BFRC is a non profit, charitable, community responsive organization, which supports the mission of the Canadian Armed Forces by providing a comprehensive range of support services and resources, geared to fostering and enhancing one's quality of life. The BFRC aims to provide individuals and military families with community responsive programming and support services that foster and enrich the quality of life to community members.

For more information, visit the BFRC website.

Borden Facilities and Services available to Non-Defence Agencies

Non-Defence Agencies, including other Federal Government Departments, Foreign Military Forces, Provincial, Regional and Municipal Governments as well as the Public may be provided access to certain training programmes and some physical assets held by the Canadian Forces Support Training Group (CFSTG).

Spare capacity in under-utilized physical property, infrastructure or capability maintained by the CFSTG for strategic purposes, may occasionally be available due to cyclical workloads. Where a request does not conflict with the primacy of military operations or place the Department of National Defence in unfair competition with private industry, arrangements may be made to access to Base Borden facilities and services. Please contact Base Operations for further inquiries.

Contact information

Business Development Office
Canadian Forces Support Training Group
P.O. Box 1000, Station Main
Borden, ON  L0M 1C0
Telephone: 705-424-1200 extension 5355
Fax: 705-423-1212


Officers' Mess

The Waterloo Mess, also known as the Base Borden Officers' Mess (BBOM), is the only officers' mess at CFB Borden. The BBOM is located at the corner of Dieppe and Waterloo Roads, across from the chapels and Worthington Park. Full services are available at BBOM for all sorts of functions from small casual affairs to full size formal events for as many as 400 people.

The dining hall is normally open 7 days a week for regular meal hours. The bar is available for lunch from 1130-1300 hrs on weekdays, and again from 1600 hrs till closing 7 days a week. For details, please contact either the Mess Manager at 705-424-1200 extension 1216, or the Mess Secretary at extension 2119.

Warrant Officers', Sergeants', Chiefs' and Petty Officers' Mess

Located in building 201 Falaise Road the Juno Beach Mess serves WOs, Sgts, Chiefs and POs. The mess boasts a sports bar, games room, giant screen TV room, Dieppe Lounge for official or private functions, as well as the more casual lower bar. Members and their guests are welcome.

For further information on mess activities and/or bookings please contact either the Mess Manager or Mess Secretary at 705-424-1200, extension 2536.

Junior Ranks' Messes

First established in 1987, the Junior Ranks' Messes currently consist of three club venues-the Huron, the Ojibwa and Jr's Café. The two outlets are open to both student and staff mess members and operate within the Junior Ranks' Mess Constitution.

Club Huron

Located adjacent to Bleachers, and boasts a nightclub atmosphere catering to a variety of musical tastes. The Huron is the site of all live performances and special functions. The club itself consists of a lower lounge, the upper Sadlier lounge and television and games rooms. A portion of the lower lounge has been designated as an area of relaxed dress in which persons in work dress or combat clothing are permitted after 1830 hrs. The Sadlier lounge is available for private functions which can be rented with or without bar service.

Club Ojibwa

This club, located on the south side of the base, is the major venue for all sports entertainment and events. Housed at the Ojibwa is a games room, TV lounge with satellite capability and a fenced patio complete with gas barbecues and horseshoe pits. Base barbecues are available for the use of the mess members (summer months).

Jr's Café

This Club is located within the Ojibwa building and is completely an alcohol free environment. Specializing in assorted coffees from espresso's to latte's the Café provides a relaxed atmosphere where member can also take advantage of the free internet service. This Service Club is open to all Junior Ranks', staff and students.

For more information on the Junior Ranks’ Mess or any of the club venues, call the Mess Secretary at 705-424-1200 extension 3505.

Base Newspaper

The Borden Citizen is Base Borden's unofficial newspaper. It is published every Friday and is distributed to all base units and to all Married Quarters by carriers. The paper is also delivered into Angus via Canada Post. The Borden Citizen provides information to the Borden community and area. The office is located at building S 138 (Rafah Crescent off Ortona Road). The office is open Monday to Friday 7:30 to 15:30.

For more information call 705-423-2496 or go to The Borden Citizen website.

Base Contact Information

CFB Borden
P.O. Box 1000, Station Main
Borden, ON  L0M 1C0
Telephone: 705-424-1200

CFB Borden - Base Operations
Telephone: 705-424-1200 ext. 2445
CFB Borden – Public Affairs Office
Telephone: 705-424-1200 ext. 3162


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