Compensation & benefits

Attention: Possible Canada Post Service Disruption – Important Notice

The Government of Canada has measures in place to ensure that Canadians continue to receive services and benefits during periods of Canada Post service disruption.

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces have more information on any possible impact on their services or benefits.

When possible, Canadians are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit, since it is the most efficient and surest method of payment that will not be impacted by a postal disruption.

Learn about how Canadian Armed Forces members (CAF) and their families are compensated for their dedication and service to Canada.


Compensation & benefits instructions

Find detailed instructions related to compensation and benefits, including benefits for relocation, injury and travel expenses.

Temporary duty travel instructions

Access instructions for temporary duty travel, including information on currency conversions, accommodation, meals and air travel.

Leave policy manual

Review a detailed explanation of the rules associated with various types of leave.


Find out about the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program and relocation benefits.

Health & dental benefits for CAF members

Get contact information for the Public Service Health Care Plan and link to information on dental care plans and claim forms for CAF members.

Death, disability & injury benefits

View guides, policy documents and contact information related to benefits for disabled and injured members and families of the fallen.

Severance & gratuities

Explore the policies and standards related to severance payments and gratuities.

Canadian Armed Forces pensions

Find information about the Canadian Armed Forces pension plans that is specific to you as an active or retired member and to your survivors/child(ren).

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