Your Pension Roadmap

You can request and submit your pension forms during your release process to avoid delays in receiving your Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) pension payment.  You should confirm the Government of Canada Pension Centre has received all your pension forms prior to your release, to ensure you go from paycheque to pension payment within 30 days after your release date.

Your release date is your last day of paid service in the CAF which should not be confused with you last day in uniform if you elect to take retirement leave. Your pension plan provides for different payments options including a return of contributions or transfer value for members with less than 9,131 days (25 years) of CAF service at release.

Seven release process steps for receiving your pension payment

1. Plan for your release

You should plan your release and know your benefit entitlements at least six months prior to save yourself time, avoid delays and be set-up for success in your transition. Take advantage of available resources to help you make informed decisions including your leadership, Pension Centre, CAF transition services, and the CAF release sections. As a CAF member, your CAF pension may be one of many benefits available to support you following your service.

You should contact the Pension Centre to:

  •         Get a pension estimate using the self-service portal or calling 1-800-267-0325;
  •         Discuss the forms and your pension options with a pension expert; and
  •         Complete your service buy-back by notifying them of your intent prior to release.

You should also consider contacting these other resources when developing your release plan:

  •         Transition services that provides second career assistance and workshops.
  •         Your local release section that will explain the release process and severance entitlement.
  •         Your Unit or Base Orderly Room that can confirm your leave entitlement.
  •         SISIP Financial that provides financial and disability benefit services.
  •         Veterans Affairs Canada that provides support services with your My VAC Account.
  •         Canada Pension Plan (CPP) that provides CPP benefit information.
  •         Québec Pension Plan (QPP) that provides QPP benefit information.

2. Request your release

You should request your release from the CAF at least six months prior to your release date after discussing your plan and entitlements in step one. You will need to confirm your address is accurate to ensure that you receive your pension forms from the Pension Centre. Changes to your release plan after this point can cause delays.

3. Complete your initial release interview

You should have your initial release interview at least one month prior to your release date. You should bring your pension estimate and be prepared to discuss any concerns and/or questions related to the pension package.

4. Request and submit your pension forms

You can request and submit your pension forms to the Pension Centre up-to 30 days prior to your release date. Late or incomplete submissions may delay your pension payment. If you’re having trouble completing or submitting your forms contact the Pension Centre.

5. Confirm your forms were received

Prior to your release date, you should contact the Pension Centre and confirm your complete package was received and is being processed.

6. Complete your final release interview

You will participate in your final release interview on your release date/last day of paid service in the CAF. However, members electing to take retirement leave would complete this step prior to starting their leave.

7. Receive your pension payment

You should expect your pension payment from the Pension Centre within 45 days of your release date, or in cases of late or incomplete submissions, within 30 days of receipt of all required documentation.


Your Pension Roadmap

Your Pension Roadmap