Are you registered for the Public Service Health Care Plan?

You as a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member can access private health insurance by registering for the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP). You and your family could be eligible, so learn more and see if you should apply today.

 “When I left the Regular Force to join the Reserve Force I assumed my coverage under the PSHCP was automatic and would carry over for my dependants,” said Warrant Officer Michele Herley-Tremblay, a policy analyst at the Directorate of Compensation and Benefits Administration. “I did not realize I had to apply again when I transferred, but after speaking with my unit Orderly Room, I was able to complete an application.” 

WO Herley-Tremblay’s eligibility in the PSHCP changed when she transferred from the Regular Force to the Reserve Force since coverage is based on component, sub-component, class and length of service. As a Regular Force member, she participated in the plan to have supplementary coverage for her dependants. To continue coverage for her dependants as Reserve Force member on Class B service of 181 days or more, she was required to contact her unit Orderly Room to have them send in her PSHCP application and supporting documentation.

 “As the PSHCP is my insurance plan for health care coverage for my family,” said WO Herley-Tremblay. “I realized I needed to know more about the plan and the benefits it provided for my family. My unit Orderly Room showed me the online information, which greatly assisted me in getting to know the benefits available.” 

About the Public Service Health Care Plan

Your Eligibility

Your eligibility to join the plan would be:

  • Dependant coverage only – Regular Force or Reserve Force members on Class B (181 days or more) or Class C with an eligible dependant;
  • Single or family coverage – Primary Reserve Force members on Class A or Class B (180 days or less); and
  • Single or family coverage for eligible former CAF members administered by:
    o   Government of Canada Pension Centre for those in receipt of an ongoing recognised pension payment; or
    o   Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for those who are a member of the VAC client group.

For more information on eligibility requirements, contact your unit Orderly Room and review the National Joint Council Directive on PSHCP eligibility.

Your Benefits

You can take advantage of the many benefits available under the plan, such as coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, and reimbursement of eligible expenses for the services of medical practitioners. Bottom Line is that its money back in your pocket! 

Your costs 

Your costs associated with your coverage could include a monthly contribution. Your unit Orderly Room can provide more details specific to your situation.

Your participation

You can join, amend or reinstate your PSHCP by:

You will access your benefits by:

For more information

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