Clement Military Writing Award

Clement Military Award Winners

Purpose: The Clement Military Writing Award is a tribute to BGen J. Bruce Clement, former C & E Branch Colonel Commandant (1973 – 1978). It has been designed to foster professional thought in the field of Communications and Electronics.

Eligibility: This award is open to all members of the Canadian Forces Communications and Electronics Branch, the Communications Reserve Force, Officer cadets, and members of the C & E Association. The Clement Military writing competition is only open to those personnel who have been a member of the C & E Branch / Museum Fund for a minimum of one year.

Format: Any format you chose can be used. You, the readers, are encouraged to submit any article(s) you wish, and it/they will be published in the new electronic format of C & E Branch Newsletter. These articles can be from any topic you choose, such as; the role of electronic warfare on the battlefield, the need for on-time communications in the modern battle arena and so on... or it can also be from your workplace. Who knows your workplace better than yourselves? Tell the 7000+ members of the C & E Branch what you do for a living, with the trails and tribulations that goes on in you daily life. Just because you know what you are doing, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us do, put it in writing, enclose a picture, and let us know. You could be well rewarded for your efforts.

Judging: The Branch Advisory Committee (BAC) will access all articles submitted for publication, in each Newsletter (twice a year) and select two articles worthy of recognition for which the authors will be rewarded for their contribution to the Newsletter.

Award: The Branch has set aside a total of $600 per year for the winners. This $600 is divided into four prizes of $150 each. There are two categories; one officer and one NCM for each issue and there are two issues per year. Along with the financial award, the new “Clement Military Writing Award Certificate” signed by the C & E Branch Adviser will be presented to each winner.

Submission: Articles for publication in the C & E Branch Newsletter can be submitted anytime to the C & E Branch secretariat.