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The Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of BGen Pep Fraser (Ret'd) as Chairman of the Board, effective 1 Feb 09. BGen Fraser is replacing BGen Kevin O'Keefe (Ret'd). BGen Fraser retired from the Canadian Forces in 1994 after 33 years of service and then spent nine years working on the NATO AWACS Program. BGen Fraser also served as the C&E Branch Colonel Commandant from 2003 to 2006. The Museum Foundation raises funds to support the Museum's mission of receiving, preserving and displaying artifacts and documents pertaining to military communications and electronics. The Museum is located at CFB Kingston alongside Highway #2, Kingston East.

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Subj: Amalgamation of C & E Branch Fund and Military C & E Museum Fund
Ref: Branch Advisory Committee meeting 3 Jul 2002

1. At the reference meeting it was approved that the C & E Branch Fund and the Military C & E Museum Fund would combine to become one fund. This fund will continue to be called the Military C & E Museum Fund and will be administered by the Military C & E

2. Museum Executive Committee, of which the C & E Branch CWO is a member. The advantages of this to members are:  

A) the Military C & E Museum Fund is a charitable organization and any person making a donation to this fund will be sent a receipt for income tax purposes;

B) the members of the fund who donate 5 dollars or more per month will receive a "Friends of the Museum" card. This card entitles them to a 10 percent discount on purchases made from the Museum Kit Shop, including phone in orders; and

C) the members who donate a minimum of 5 dollars per month are also entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors as a voting member.

3. At this time both funds struggle to meet commitments and it is felt with the amalgamation of the two funds that we, as a Branch, will find it simpler to support just one fund.

4. Current members of the C & E Branch Fund are requested to cease their pay allotments to account "Y003" (C & E Branch Fund), prior to 1 December 2002 and are encouraged to start a new pay allotment to the Military C & E Museum Fund "P070".

5. All members of the C & E community who are not members of either fund are encouraged to join the Military C & E Museum Fund. This may be done by either starting a pay allotment to "P070" or by sending a cheque to the following address, Military C & E Museum, PO Box 17000, Station Forces Kingston, ON, K7K 7B4.

6. Your continued support of the C & E Branch is greatly appreciated.

7. Link to Museum membership Contributions