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Please note that as of March 1st , 2017, the pages on this site will no longer be kept up to date. And as of May 1st, this web page will be removed. The information on this site will be available on the following site:

Rank and NameDetailsDate
MWO (ret'd) David M. Schartz Passed away suddenly at Kingston General Hospital at the age of 70 23 Oct 2016
MWO (ret'd) Roger Haché Passed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer in his 79th year 21 Oct 2016
Sig (ret'd) Stephen Steward Passed away peacefully at this home at the age of 77 18 Oct 2016
WO (ret'd) Garvin Wayne Yee Passed away suddenly 15 Oct 2016
PO1 (ret'd) John William Bernardi Passed away 12 Oct 2016
Kathleen Foran Wife of Col Purcell, quietly slipped away at the age of 52 27 Sep 2016
Cpl Christopher Webster ACISS- IST, 5 CDSB Gagetown. Suddenly passed away at the age of 33. 29 Mai 2016
Maj Nicolas Essomba, CD CELE (Air). Suddenly passed away at the age of 52. 24 May 2016
Capt (ret'd) Wes Boychuck CELE(Air) Officer (0340). Passed away at the age of 57. 8 May 2016
CWO (ret'd) Theresa Charlton, SSM, CD Former LCIS Tech. Theresa had been battling brain cancer for many years. 25 Apr 2016
WO (ret'd) Thomas Richard McKay Passed away at the age of 66. 25 Apr 2016
Denise Fortin (born Tremblay) Wife of LCol (ret'd) Gilles Fortin, CELE 42A. Passed away peacefully at the age of 70 23 Apr 2016
CWO (ret'd) Donald Keith Cheyne, CD Former Radar Tech. Passed away after a stubborn fight with cancer. 19 Apr 2016
Linda Florence Wife of Col (ret'd) Dave E. Florence, CELE 42A. Linda died peacefully at home. 16 Apr 2016
MWO (ret'd) John Bramwell Ivemey Passed away peacefully at the age of 92 15 Apr 2016
Sgt (ret'd) Lorne Francis MacDonald Former Tel Tech 223. Passed away peacefully at the age of 82. 15 Apr 2016
Sgt Marcel Viau, CD Former Rad Tech, LCIS Tech, ACISS. Passed away at the age of 48. 8 Apr 2016
William (Bill) Taras Rudy, CD Tel Op. Passed away at the age of 66. 19 Mar 2016
Keith Wallace Carruthers, CD RCSigns. Passed away at the age of 74. 10 Feb 2016
Capt (Ret'd) Lorne Robert McCartney CELE 42B. After a hard-fought battle with lung disease. he was 68 years old 28 Jan 2016
MCpl Mitchell K. Keller Comm Rsch. Passed away at the age of 31. 25 Jan 2016
MWO (Ret'd) Ross Walter Hurley Former Comm Tech 224. Passed away at the age of 84. 22 Dec 2015
CWO (Retd) Jean ''Johnny''  Leclerc, MMM, CD2 First RCAF Sergeant Major for communications Operator Training at the School of Communications and Electronics. He ended a 36 year career as the communications Command Chief Warrant Officer, Guiding the institutionalization of training objectives and standards for the communication branch. Passed away peacefully in his 85th year. 11 Dec 2015
BGen (Retd) Don Banks, CMM, CD He had a very distinguished career in the Canadien Army, starting as a Apprentice Soldier and rising to the rank of Brigadier General in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals/Communications Electronics Branch. He assumed the command of the Canadian Forces Communication Command in 1990. Passed away at the age of 75. 4 Dec 2015
Luc Lévesque Former Rad op, Assaulter, SAR Tech. A Celebration of life was held on the 4 Dec 2015 at the Comox Valley Funeral Home Courtenay, BC 27 Nov 2015
Ian Cleat Former ATIS Tech. Passed away at the age of 52. 20 Nov 2015
Col (Retired) Robert Maynard Col/CELE 42B. Passed away at the age of 61. 14 Nov 2015
Col (Retired) R.J. ''Bob'' Ford, OMM CD Honorary Signaller. Passed away peacefully at the age of 90. 8 Nov 2015
CWO (Retired) Jack Mundell Blair RC Sigs/Comm Op 213, World War II and Korean War veteran with many other operational deployments. Passed away at the age of 96. 8 Nov 2015
LCol (Retired) Gordon ''Gord'' Keith MacDougall RC Sigs/CELE 42B. Passed away at the age of 75. 6 Nov 2015
Rosine ''Rose'' Weisbrod Wife of Major (Ret'd) Paul Weisbrod RC Sigs/CELE(L) passed away at the age of 74 21 Oct 2015
CWO (Retired) Liguori ''Larry'' Lord Passed away peacefully at the age of 73 14 Oct 2015
LCol Brian Costello RC Sigs 9 Oct 2015
Maj (Retired) Peter Ludorf, CD RC Sigs 4 Oct 2015
Charles Douglas Foo Proud Korean Veteran retired Signal Corps (1951-1964) 30 Sep 2015
WO (Ret'd) Edward ''Eddie'' Dwyer Served for 30 years and retired as an AITS Tech in July 2007. 6 Sep 2015
Maj (Ret'd) Robert Johnston Armstrong RCAF. Passed away peacefully. 5 Sep 2015
WO Francis (Frank) J. Evans, CD CITSM - After a short illness at the age of 49 18 Aug 2015
MWO (Retired) James (Jim) Richard Painter Comm Rsch 19 Jul 2015
MCpl (Retired) Iona E. ''Myke'' Hiltz Passed away peacefully at the age of 65 27 Jun 2015
Col (Retired) David Gordon Ling After a short illness at the age of 67 26 Jun 2015
Sgt (Retired) Michael Hanlon Comm Research Op 14 Jun 2015
Maj (Retired) Frederic Liam Andrew Porter 00341 Sigs 11 Jun 2015
MWO (Retired) Heinz Herman (Ike) Euteneier 831 Admin clk - Served with 74 Comm Group and HQ & Sig in Lahr, Germany 8 Jun 2015
MCpl Ryan Alexander (Alex) New ACISS-CST - Accidentally at the age of 30 30 May 2015
Capt (Retired) Frank Osborne Price Peacefully at the age of 90. World War II vereran, Cdn Parachute Corps and Royal Canadian Corps of Signals afterward. Member of 8 Sigs Regt, now known as 32 Sigs Regt Toronto. 21 May 2015
Cpl (Retired) Sebastian Brumsey 000109 ATIS Tech 16 May 2015
Maj (Retired) Beverly Robert Brown  RC Sigs, served 39 yers with the CAF 3 May 2015
Cpl (Retired) Carlos Salinas ACISS - IST Information System Technologist 30 Mar 2015
Walter J.P.J. Kennedy former Rad Tech/LCIS Tech 24 Mar 2015
MCpl (Retired) Gerald (Jerry) Douglas Warren  TE Tech 29 Jan 2015
CPO1 (Retired) George Henry Mannix  Naval Comm, World War II veteran 16 Jan 2015
 CWO (Retired) Joseph LeBlanc 211 Rad Op 1 Dec 2014
Sgt (Retired) Joseph Valmond Mallet 212 Tel Op, Royal Canadian Air Force 5 Nov 2014
Raymond Martin Former member of 745 Comm Sqn Edmonton 26 Sep 2014
Capt (Retired) Kenneth Hickford 84 Sigs Officer. 25 Sep 2014
MCpl (Retired) Lucien Chouinard 211 Rap Op 10 Sep 2014
Perry John Pike 211 Rad Op 28 Jul 2014
WO (Retired) Marvin Armstrong 224 Comm Tech 5 Jul 2014
WO (Retired) Robert Roy Hubley Comm OP 213 3 Jun 2014
Cpl (Retired) James Hennebery 223 Tel/ ATIS Tech 23 May 2014
MCpl (Retired) Bill Dugay 223 Tel Tech 18 May 2014
Captain (Retired) Gerald Leroy "Joe" Atyeo WW II Veteran Signals Officer 19 Apr 2014
Norman Villeneuve 211 Rad Op 3 Apr 2014
Capt (Retired) Mitchell Palmer Air 83 CELE (Air) 27 Mar 2014
(Retired) Michael Verchere Air 42 CELE 25 Mar 2014
Sgt (Retired) Robert Windsor 231 Rdr Tech 10 Mar 2014
(Retired) Mme Philomène Sorbini 71 Comm Grp SO Leased Facilities for 71 Comm CRP 5 Mar 2014
MCpl (Retired) Raymond Gillis 212 Tel Op 3 Mar 2014
Sgt (Retired) Blaine Baxter 221 Rad Tech 15 Feb 2014
(Retired)Gerges Moroni 223 Tel Tech 27 Jan 2014
Capt (Retired) Anthony Matlock 341 Signals and 291 Comm Rsch 10 Jan 2014
Sgt (Retired) Walter Draeger ACCIS 10 Jan 2014
WO (Retired) Ross Pollock 211 Rad Op 7 Jan 2014
Cpl (Retired) John Leslie Wilby 231 Rdr Tech 6 Jan 2014

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