About us

The Communications and Electronics Branch is comprised of two officer classifications and 3 non-commissioned-member occupations, with 4 sub-occupations, as depicted below:

Officer Occupations

Officer - Communications and Electronics Engineering (Air) (CELE (AIR))
Officer - Signals (SIGS)

Non-Commissioned-Member Occupations

  • Aerospace Telecommunication & Information Systems Technician (ATIS TECH)
  • Army Communication Information Systems Specialist (ACISS)
    • Line Systems Technologist (LST);
    • Communication Systems Technologist (CST);
    • Information Systems Technologist (IST); or
    • Communication & Information Systems Technology Manager (CISTM)
  • Communicator Research Operator (COMM RSCH)


The mission of the C & E Branch is to foster and sustain operationally focused, command-centric experts in communications, information systems and information operations for the Canadian Forces.


The C & E Branch will provide trusted competencies to lead the Canadian Forces in the delivery of secure, robust and adaptive network-enabled operations capabilities that permit commanders to execute command and control.

C & E Occupations