Steering Working Groups - Comm Elec

The C & E Branch Advisor chairs the Branch Advisory committee. The object of the C & E Branch Advisory Committee are to:

a. provide a flexible, proactive and effective advisory structure and establish the mechanisms for the efficient identification and resolution of the Branch related personnel matters;

b. increase the focus and participation of the senior Branch members on personnel matters affecting all embodied organizations within the CF;

c. provide a forum for discussion and decision making to assist the C & E Branch Advisor in his appointed role and functions;

d. increase the involvement of the Branch personnel, both officers and NCMs, regular and reserve, through a committee structure that is environmentally and /or functionally oriented, with clear define responsibilities;

e. improve communications within the C & E Branch; and

f. provide a forum to discuss and allocate resources for each element of the C & E Branch advisory structure, including its sub-committee and the C & E Branch Secretariat.

Branch Advisory Committee Composition

1. Branch Executive

a. Branch Leader;

b. All serving C & E Generals;

c. Branch Advisor;

d. D Sigs;

e. Senior Air Rep;

f. CFIOG Comd;

g. All serving C & E Colonels;

h. Col Cmdt;

i. Branch CWO; and

j. Branch Secretary (record keeping).

2. Branch Advisory Council (BAC)

a. Branch Leader;

b. Branch Advisor;

c. D Sigs;

d. Senior Air Rep;

e. CFIOG Comd;

f. Col Cmdt;

g. Branch CWO;

h. Branch Secretary (record keeping); and

i. Other personnel by invitation.

3. Extended Branch Advisory Council (Ext BAC)

a. Branch Executive;

b. Branch Advisory Council;

c. CFSCE Cmdt;




g. Senior C & E Career Manager;

h. Senior Army CWO;

i. Senior Air CWO;


k. ADM IM) CWO/CPO1; and

l. Others personnel by invitation.

Branch NCM Advisory Committee

The NCM Advisory committee provides advice and support to the Br CWO. The NCMs Advisory Committee also acts as a forum to raise, discuss, resolve or report on CF and Branch policies and regulations affecting C & E Branch NCMs. The Branch CWO Chairs the NCMs Advisory Committee and consists of representation of both trade and employment areas as follows:

a. Branch CWO;

b. Army Communications Information System Specialist (ACISS);

c. Aerospace Telecommunications Information Systems Technician (ATIS);

d. Communicator Research;

e. Communication Reserve;

f. ADM IM Gp;


h. CJOC;

i. CF Europe;

j. D Mil C-5;

k. Atlantic Rep; and

l. Pacific Rep.