About the Logistics Branch


The Logistics Branch will produce highly skilled, professional, Logisticians who deliver operational and institutional sustainment excellence.


A Logistics Branch that delivers world class sustainment to achieve operational and institutional excellence.

End State

Empowered Logisticians, enabled to deliver operational success.


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About Us

The Logistics Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces was formed 1 February 1968, the date that the Canadian Forces Reorganization Act was proclaimed. The Logistics branch is comprised of a broad range of support occupations across all three environments. Logistics officers will obtain skill-sets and be employed in at least one of the following competencies: transportation, supply chain management, financial management, human resource management and food services support. The Logistics Branch NCMs serve in seven separate occupations and include the following: Resource Management Support, Cook, Postal, Supply, Ammunition, Traffic and Mobile Support Equipment.

The ultimate goal of the Logistics Branch is to ensure the provision of members who are capable of effectively supporting naval, army and air force operations across the spectrum of conflict. The mission of the Logistics Branch is to provide and maintain a framework which will enable the development of highly motivated and competent logisticians who are operationally focussed. Their development will be based upon employment which requires a balanced blend of combat service support and core professional competence in logistics.

Identity and tradition are extremely important to all military forces and have been fostered for centuries. The Logistics Branch has created all of the self-identity, customs and symbols which help to foster esprit de corps.

Colonel Commandant:

Of the centuries old traditions the Branch has chosen to inherit from the British, certainly the most honoured is the appointment of the Colonel Commandant. This honour is conferred upon a former Officer who held the rank of Colonel or above on retirement. The Colonel Commandant fosters esprit de corps throughout the Branch and advises on matters of significance to the Branch, assists in the administration of Branch Funds and property, and liases with Branch allied logistics formations and units.

Branch Adviser:

The first Logistics Branch Adviser was appointed in September 1971 to act as a focal point for Branch identity. The appointment is conferred upon a Regular Force officer of Colonel rank and is for an indeterminate period. By 1974, the function expanded to advising the Assistant Deputy Minister (Personnel) at National Defence Headquarters on personnel matters affecting the Branch. This role continues today and is carried out by the incumbent with the assistance of the Branch Secretariat and a number of Branch advisory organizations, representing the various Logistics occupations and environments.


The motto of the Branch is "SERVITIUM NULLI SECUNDUS". This Latin phrase is inscribed in the Branch Badge and translated means "SERVICE SECOND TO NONE". The term "SERVICE" refers to the support, in terms of materiel, facilities and personnel provided to all others in the Canadian Armed Forces. The phrase "SECOND TO NONE" means that the service provided is considered to be the best in the world.


Contained in the centre of the Branch Badge is two interlocking chain links. This denotes the strength in support provided to the operational elements of the Canadian Armed Forces by the united logistics discipline.


The Branch Badge was approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1972. The official description reads - " Within a wreath of maple leaves or, a torteau charged in centre with two interlaced chain links in saltire or, and edged with a riband azure which is itself edged and inscribed with the words "SERVITIUM NULLI SECUNDUS" both or. Below, upon the scroll, the title in English and French sable. The whole ensigned by the Royal Crown proper".

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