Conflict Resolution Program – Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Conflict Resolution Program (CRP) is the means by which the Defence Team (the Department of National Defence (DND) employees, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Regular and Reserve members, and the Canadian Cadet Movement) are provided with the resources to resolve workplace conflicts early, locally and informally using the principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Individuals experiencing conflict are encouraged to consider ADR as the first recourse for resolving the situation.

ADR services are provided to the Defence Team through four regional Conflict Resolution Centres (CRCs) that are located in Halifax, Kingston, Ottawa/Gatineau and Edmonton. CRCs are staffed by professional ADR practitioners who provide a number of ADR services. These ADR services are broken down into three basic categories:

  1. Intervention: ADR intervention services consist of consultation, conflict coaching, facilitation, mediation and group intervention. The process is based on Defence Team members making an informed decision to use the principles of ADR when applicable to resolve the conflict in a timely and effective manner.
  2. Education: ADR education services contribute to a healthy work environment, build operational effectiveness and create opportunities to develop individual and organizational conflict competencies. Conflict resolution skills and an understanding of both the impact and value of conflict resolution are critical for all leaders on the Defence Team.
  3. Awareness: ADR Awareness or promotional activities provide the Defence Team with exposure to the CRP to enhance their awareness of the services that are available and the benefits of employing ADR as a first recourse in resolving workplace conflict early, locally and informally. CRC staff can offer presentations, briefings kiosks, etc to promote the use of ADR at seminars, conferences and other special events.

We invite you to consult with a Conflict Resolution Centre for more information.