National Health Services Contacts

CF Health Services Group Headquarters

Operations Centre

For emergencies of an operational nature, contact:

  • Blackberry Telephone: (613) 889-5760 

Aeromedical Evacuation Coordinator (AMECO)

  • Cell Phone/Pager: (204) 228-7302 (24 Hours)
  • Office Commercial: (204) 833-2500 ext 5728 / Avn 257-5728
  • Office is located at CF Aerospace HSS Squadron in Winnipeg, MB


Health Services Civilian-Military Cooperation (HS CIMIC)

HS CIMIC's capability represents the cornerstone for the management of a sustainable civilian-military alliance network. Working collaboratively with both the Canadian Armed Forces and civilian partners, HS CIMIC establishes, develops and maintains privileged contacts and arrangements with provincial, territorial, regional and local government and private sector organizations. Furthermore, HS CIMIC fosters strategic partnerships in order to better access civilian health care facilities and to promote trans-regional flexibility; and identifies, on an ongoing basis, civilian centres of excellence for various educational training requirements and acquisition of new clinical skills.

For further information, please contact the National CIMIC Manager at