Reintegration Challenges for Reservists

There are many reintegration challenges that are unique to Reservists. While some of these are similar to what other augmentees to a mission might experience, there are some challenges that are unique to you, especially if you are returning to a civilian job.

When you return to your workplace or school, there may be a general lack of understanding for what you have accomplished and what have gone through during the deployment. This occurs at the same time as your ability to use your fellow soldiers as a means of support is diminished.

Your family, while being encouraged to seek information about the deployment experience, may be remotely located from larger bases or centres and thus unavailable to take training offered by the deployment centres and military family resources centres located across the country.

Finally, in your home unit there may also be a lack of understanding of the available services in place to support reservists. There is different levels of benefits and entitlements for different classes of reservists. The following is a list of resources that can be used to support any Reservist regarding any deployment related issues:

  • The Chain of Command in the Canadian Armed Forces is employing many different strategies to combat this problem. Efforts are being made to include both Reservists and augmentees to missions in post tour activities such as memorial services that honour those lost on missions as well as social functions where the recently redeployed members can take the opportunity to connect with people with whom they were deployed.
  • Health Services has made a commitment to serve all of our deployed members for any deployment related injury or illness. The post deployment screening is a good measure for activating these health service resources; however, any member who is experiencing persistent difficulty after an operation should engage the Health Services.
  • The Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP) is available to Class A Reservists to provide support around any mental health concern and not necessarily related to deployments.
  • The MH/OSI Joint Speakers Bureau can be engaged to bring in educators to provide tailored mental health education at Reserve Units upon request.
  • Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) Program is a peer support program that is also available to reservists to provide those suffering from any operational related difficulty post tour.

Military Family Resources Centres

Since 1991, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has worked in partnership with Canadian/Military Family Resource Centres (C/MFRCs) to provide effective, responsive services and support to CAF families.

There are currently 32 C/MFRCs across Canada, five in the United States and six overseas. These resource centres also provide outreach services to their surrounding communities and remote areas to ensure that CAF families can receive support no matter where they may reside.

C/MFRCs are committed to enriching the lives of individuals and families in CAF communities through positive action, education and support. The resource centres provide relevant programs and services that strengthen the resilience of individuals and families within CAF communities. C/MFRCs encourage and facilitate the voluntary participation of CAF families in all facets of their operations, from program planning and delivery to organization governance and leadership.

In general terms, C/MFRC services include:

  • Child & Youth Development and Parenting Support;
  • Prevention, Support & Intervention;
  • Personal Development and Community Integration;
  • Family Separation and Reunion.

Deployment Support Centres are another source of information and support for military families experiencing deployments. Call the numbers below to connect with the Deployment Support Centre in your area, or call the Mission Information Line at 1-800-866-4546 for additional information and support.

  • Deployment Support Centre Petawawa - 1-877-218-9993
  • Deployment Support Centre Gagetown - 1-877-372-6866
  • Deployment Support Group Valcartier - 1-877-844-5607
  • Deployment Support Centre Cold Lake - 1-877-DSC-7099
  • Land Force Western Area Support Group - 1-888-711-5533
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