Information about your Electronic Pay Statements

Alternate Formats


We are pleased to announce that Regular Force Electronic Pay Statements are now available to the individual service member online.


Where am I able to access my Electronic Pay Statement?

Electronic Pay Statements are viewable through the Employee Member Access Application (EMAA).


Why would I want to get my Pay Statement electronically?

You have the ability to view and have your pay statement deleivered to an e-mail address of your choosing, including your home e-mail, giving you the ability to save your pay statements electronically for as long as you wish. By discontinuing the delivery of hardcopies through regular post, you will help us to reduce the cost of providing Pay Statements to you. EMAA will retain up to six months worth of historical pay statments, which are viewable and printable by you at any time, so you no longer have to wait if you require a reprint or wish to view an old pay statement. Historical records, starting with end December 2003 pay statements, have been added to the EMAA pay statement module.


What format is used to download the Pay Statements to my e-mail address and will I be able to print them?

The Pay Statements are downloaded from EMAA in PDF format and are viewable and pritable using Adobe Acrobat Reader software. For those who do not have this software on their system, the product is made available for download on your workstation when the Pay Statements are sent to you.


How can I start receiving my pay statement electronically and stop paper delivery? 

All Pay Statements are uploaded to the EMAA platform. You may have your Pay Statements e-mailed to you on an ad hoc basis or as a more practical solution, have them forwarded to you automatically at an e-mail address of your choice. If you choose the latter, you will not have to log into EMAA to view your Pay Statement every pay period as the system will automatically forward it to you. The process to set-up your e-mail profile and discontinue hardcopy delivery is onde online. It will be possible to visit your pay office to switch-off regular post delivery, but they won't be able to set-up your e-mail profile using the pay system. However, to reduce the workload on pay offices, you are asked to make these arrangements through the EMAA application.


I am a Class "C" Reservist, how am I affected by this change?

Currently EMAA cannot accomommodate members of the Reserve Force. You will continue to receive your pay statements as you presently do. Once EMAA has the ability to accommodate the Reserve Force, Class "C" members who are paid by the Central Computational Pay System will be able to receive their pay statements electronically as well. This functionality should be available later in the year. 


Do I have to start electronic delivery of my pay statement?

No, however, it is highly recommended that CF members take advantage of this new facility and discontinue regular mailing. Electronic delivery allows more timely delivery of pay statements, as we are not reliant on outside agencies and stardard mail delivery. It allows easy storage of your pay statements in electronic format instead ofa stack of paper copies in a file folder. It allows us to better serve your needs by decreasing waits for reprints, as they are now at your fingertips. These are just a few advantages electronic delivery will offer our members.