I am a Grievor

Step by Step 

An event occurred and you feel that you have been aggrieved by a decision, act or omission in the administration of the affairs of the CAF. What should you do next?

Step 1: Oral Complaint. In accordance with QR&O article 7.04 (Oral Complaint), prior to the submission of a grievance, the preferred method to remedy a complaint is for you to make a verbal complaint to either your immediate supervisor or your CO. In this regard, you and your chain of command can attempt to resolve the complaint at the lowest possible level.

Step 2: Notice of Intent to Grieve. If you are not comfortable making an oral complaint, you have the option to submit a “Notice of Intent to Grieve”. If this occurs, you and your CO may still be able to resolve the issue informally. The “Notice of Intent to Grieve” must be submitted to your supervisor, who, in turn, will forward it to the CO for signature. It is important to note that submitting a Notice of Intent does not preclude you from submitting your grievance within the prescribed time limit.

If your attempt to resolve your complaint informally fails, your next step is to determine whether the grievance process is the right method for handling your complaint. For example, if your complaint concerns harassment allegations, the harassment complaint process should be used before the grievance process. If you do not find the results of the harassment investigation satisfactory, you can submit a grievance regarding the results of the harassment investigation.

Step 3: When all attempts to resolve your issue are unsuccessful, you may be left with no other option than to submit a redress of grievance. If this occurs, ensure that your grievance conforms to QR&O article 7.08 (Submission of Grievance). In addition, you should also familiarize yourself with QR&O article 7.06 (Time Limit to Submit Grievance).

Step 4: Familiarize yourself with the policies and directives applicable to the grievance process: the NDA section 29 (Grievances), the QR&O chapter 7 (Grievances), and the DAOD 2017-1 (The Canadian Forces Grievance System).



Notice of Intent to Grieve

Grievance Submission