Notice of Intent to Grieve Form

Suggested Template

PROTECTED B (When Completed)


[Date Format DD MM YYYY] 


The purpose of the NOI is twofold:

  1. To signal to the chain of command that a CF member has an issue for which he or she is considering submitting a complaint, thus allowing the chain of command the opportunity to engage in the issue early, identify the best form of resolution and possibly resolve the matter; and
  2. If the chain of command is not able to resolve the matter, then it will be able to provide early assistance to the CF member with the preparation and drafting of the grievance.


The Notice of Intent (NOI) is a voluntary process designed to help both the potential grievor and the chain of command.  This process is not meant to interfere with a CF member’s right to grieve, and any grievance submitted In Accordance With (IAW) QR&O Volume 1, Chapter 7 is to be dealt with IAW existing regulations.

The NOI is not intended to be used as a mechanism to extend the existing time lines for submission of a grievance IAW Volume 1, Chapter 7.

However, if attempts to resolve the issue informally through the submission of an NOI are unsuccessful, a late submission of a grievance may be accepted.


  1. responsible for considering the use of a NOI;
  2. complete and sign the NOI,
  3. and considering the use of the assistance offered.
Chain of Command. 

Upon receipt of an NOI:interview CF member to: 

  1. determine issue;
  2. and determine best mechanism for resolution of the issue. 

if the mechanism chosen is grievance then assign an assisting member; and 

have the NOI signed by the commanding officer with a completed copy to the CF member. 

There is no requirement to register an NOI.  If the CF member submits a grievance the NOI shall become part of the grievance file.


I [enter following content] [SN] [Rank] [Name] [Initials] hereby give notice to my chain of command that I am considering submitting a request for a redress of grievance.  The particulars surrounding my complaint are as follows:

[Enter content here]  

[Signature of Member] [Date]

To Be Completed by the Commanding Officer

I have read your complaint and I have discussed this matter with your supervisor. I support the following course of action [enter content]. (Course of action includes but is not limited to: Situational Assessment for Harassment, Harassment Investigation, ADR, Claim against the Crown, Human Rights Complaint, Official Languages Complaint, Military Police Conduct Complaint, and Submission of a Request for Redress of Grievance.)

I have assigned [Rank] [Name] to provide assistance to you.               

[Signature of CO]

PROTECTED B (When Completed)