Reserve Forces Foreign Service Arrangements

The Reserve Forces Foreign Service Arrangements (RFFSA) are a series of Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) between Canada and other countries with similar reserve force structures.

The RFFSA is intended to accommodate the training requirements of the participants’ Reserve Force members when those members are temporarily residing within a Host Nation and are unable to train with the Parent Unit. A secondary intent of the RFFSA is to foster the development and maintenance of an active relationship between the participants’ reserve force units. 

The RFFSA is a voluntary, individual arrangement and applies to a member who is in a participating country, for example, attending school, working for a civilian employer on temporary assignment, or while accompanying a family member who is attending school or on a temporary work assignment. 

The RFFSA will allow eligible officers and non-commissioned members to undergo training and employment with a similar unit of the Host Nation. Applicants must be qualified in their occupation and be supported by their chain-of-command. Both the Parent and Gaining Units must agree to a defined period of service, usually between one and three years, during which the Parent Unit covers the member’s pay.

The RFFSA does not apply to secondments, loans, or exchanges of either Regular or Reserve Force personnel, such as mutual exchanges or small unit exchanges, which will be governed by separate arrangements as appropriate. 

There are currently three countries that Canada has RFFSA MOUs with - they are:

  1. the United Kingdom
  2. Australia
  3. the United States of America
  4. New Zealand


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