Resources for Reservists

Before You Go - Information for Reservists to assist their Release from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Canadian Forces Liaison Council - Explore the many resources and tools that will help you to work or study while serving as a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist.

International Reserve Partnerships

Chief Reserves as well as the Directorate of Reserves are engaged in three International Reserve Programs.

These are the:

National Reserve Force Committee (NRFC) - is a NATO organization that provides an advisory function to the NATO Commander, and is a forum to exchange ideas and best practices on common Reserve issues.

Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) - The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers, commonly referred to by its French acronym CIOR, represents the interests of over 1.3 million reservists across 36 participating nations within and beyond NATO, making it the world’s largest military reserve officer organization.

Reserve Force Foreign Service Arrangements (RFFSA) – This program allows a reservist to continue to train and increase their skills while temporarily residing in another country.

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