Optimizing DND’s housing portfolio

Most of Department of National Defence (DND)’s housing portfolio was built between 1948 and 1960. Each year, the Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA) allocates funds towards improving the overall quality of nearly 12,000 housing units provided to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families across the country.


CFHA is responsible for maintaining the upkeep of all of DND’s residential housing units. Of primary concern is the health and safety of its occupants. As such, the Agency spends a large portion of its budget on repairs, maintenance and operations, including a combination of planned life cycle maintenance, (e.g., window and roof replacements) and responsive emergency repairs. This budget also includes snow removal, grass cutting, keeping the lights on and all services that ensure houses remain functional and meet health and safety requirements. Such investments have a positive impact on the quality of life of our occupants while prolonging the useful life cycle of the buildings and the systems that support it (i.e. furnaces and an air conditioners).

Regular funding

Each year, CFHA injects approximately $105 million to improve its housing portfolio. The funds are invested in:

  • Exterior renovation
  • Partial interior renovation
  • Whole house renovation
  • New construction
  • Disposals

Exterior renovations can include the replacement of windows, roofing, doors and siding as well as insulation upgrades. These types of projects improve energy efficiency, comfort and reduce the cost of heating, and most importantly, they significantly contribute to occupants’ satisfaction, comfort and well-being.

Interior renovations include the replacement of systems, (plumbing, electrical, and heating), kitchen and bathroom renovations, and changes to the overall interior layout to improve the functionality of the unit.

The Agency can opt to replace housing units that have come to the end of their useful lifecycle by building new houses. New houses respond to the changing needs of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families by offering different sizes and forms of housing.

Special funding

CFHA is currently delivering the highest volume of capital improvements in its history, and this has had a noticeable impact across the country. In 2014, the federal government announced an additional $152.75 million to be allocated to CFHA to improve its military housing portfolio.

In 2015/2016, CFHA was very successful in investing $51 million in interior and exterior renovation, as well as in the construction of new residential housing units.

The Department identified nine sites to benefit from this continued funding in 2016/2017:

  • Bagotville
  • Borden
  • Comox
  • Cold Lake
  • Gagetown
  • Greenwood
  • Moose Jaw
  • Petawawa
  • Shilo

With this additional funding, CFHA is able to accelerate its plans to improve DND’s housing portfolio.

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