Primary Chaplain Branch Badge

Primary Chaplain Branch Badge

The Royal Canadian Chaplain Service contributes to the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) by supporting the moral and spiritual well-being of military personnel and their families in all aspects of their lives, during conflict and peacetime. Chaplains minister to the needs of all members of the CAF and their families, whether they attend church or are of the same religion - whether they have any spiritual beliefs at all.

CAF chaplains have dual accountability, to ecclesiastical and military authorities. As faith group leaders, chaplains come under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of their denominations and faith groups. As commissioned officers, they are subject to the code of service discipline and are responsible to their military superiors. The Royal Canadian Chaplain Service is headed by a Chaplain General who advises the Chief of the Defence Staff and reports administratively to the Chief of Military Personnel.


Reserve Force Chaplain Training

The new candidate will be expected to complete both the Canadian Armed Forces Basic Military Officer course and the Chaplain Basic Occupational Qualification. This is mandatory training, offered through a combination of residential and distance-learning modules. It must be completed within three years of enrolment to the military. During this training, the candidate will learn basic leadership skills, be introduced to military regulations and customs and acquire the fundamental military skills of drill, dress and deportment. The candidate will receive training in crisis counselling, ministering to casualties of critical incidents, first aid and will also participate in physical training and sports programs. Successful completion is a prerequisite for continued employment and further training as a military chaplain.

Time Commitment: As for all Reservists, it is a part-time ministry. Your presence will be required at least one evening a week and on other occasions according to your availability. A minimum of 12 days a year is required.

Regular Force Chaplain Training

Newly recruited chaplains will first be required to complete the Chaplain – Basic Military Officer Qualification (Chap-BMOQ) through the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School. This course is in three parts: Module One by distance learning is 10 days of training; Module Two is 10 days in residence in St. Jean, QC; and Module Three is a further 10 days in residence in St. Jean. With this basic training successfully completed, the new officers then proceed to the Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre(CFChSC) in Borden for their Chaplain – Basic Occupation Qualification (Chap-BOQ) for 20 days of in-residence training. They then return to work on their bases, but within a year they are back to Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre (CFChSC) for an Intermediate Ethics course (10 days in-residence) and an Intermediate Pastoral Counselling course (10 days in-residence). With these four qualifications complete (BMOQ, BOQ, Ethics and Pastoral Counselling) chaplains reach their Occupation Functional Point (OFP) and are considered fully trained. Training and professional development will continue for new chaplains, however, as they will require Second Language Training, if not already bilingual, and they will have to complete the Canadian Forces Junior Officer Development Program (CAFJOD) within their first couple of years.

Interfaith Committee on Canadian Military Chaplaincy

The Interfaith Committee on Canadian Military Chaplaincy (ICCMC) supports the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service in its mission in the unique context of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), by being the body through which the faith communities of Canada exercise their support to the CAF through the provision of chaplains to the CAF and at the same time represent the work of the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service to those faith communities.


  • acts as a direct link between chaplains and their respective civilian faith group authorities,
  • is the common channel between the faith groups of Canada and the Government of Canada and with the Office of the Chaplain General,
  • ensures that the integrity of all faith groups within the military is respected and that reasonable provision, subject to operational requirements, is made for the practice of their faith,
  • exercises religious oversight of the ministry of chaplains,
  • sets the academic, spiritual and professional standards required and to assist in the selection of chaplains and to assume responsibility for endorsement and, if needs be, withdrawal of the same,
  • consults with the Chaplain General on the appointment of Principal Chaplains (Roman Catholic) and (Protestant), and other (Jewish/Muslim/Orthodox),
  • assists in the exercise of pastoral oversight and care for the chaplains and their families, and
  • provides advice and assistance in the areas of worship, religious education, pastoral ministry, Chapel Life and all other areas of religious and moral import.
Contact CAF Chaplaincy
Regional Recruiting Chaplains

British Columbia

Formation Chaplain, Maritime Forces Pacific/JTF (Pacific)
Telephone: (250) 363-4027
Fax: (250) 363-4029

Alberta and the North

Chaplain, 3rd Canadian Division
Telephone: (780) 973-4011 Loc 8140
Fax: (780) 973-1900

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

1 Canadian Air Division Chaplain
Telephone: (204) 833-2500 Loc 5289
Fax: (204) 833-2624


Chaplain, 4th Canadian Division
Telephone: (416) 633-6200 Loc 5111
Fax: (416) 631-5341


Chaplain, 2nd Canadian Division
Telephone: (514) 252-2777 Loc 4033
Fax: (514) 252-2731


Division Chaplain, 5th Canadian Division
Email: John.O’
Telephone: (902) 427-0802
Fax: (902) 427-7275

If you cannot reach your Regional Recruiting Chaplain, please contact Chaplain Recruiting by phone at 1-866-502-2203 or by e-mail at:

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