Support services

Discover a vast range of services available to Canadian Armed Forces members and their families from rehabilitation to housing to conflict resolution.


Operation HONOUR

Learn how the military is addressing harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour, report an incident, and access services available to victims, witnesses and within the chain of command.


Information on military housing including locations across Canada, types of homes that are available, who qualifies and how to apply.


Discover how Canadian Armed Forces chaplains support the moral and spiritual well-being of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families.

Return to work

Learn about programs that help Canadian Armed Forces members and civilian employees of the Department of National Defence return to work after an illness or injury.

Casualty support

Get information about support services available for ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, their families and for the families of the fallen.

OUTCAN (outside Canada)

Explore the opportunities and considerations of working outside Canada for the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Military Police

Get information about the Military Police, including contacts and the types of work they do.

Get information about the military police including their values, the types of work they do and how they are governed and trained

Conflict resolution program

Access resources to assist in resolving workplace conflict.

Children education management

Learn about education programs for the children of posted Canadian Armed Forces members.

Canadian Forces morale & welfare services

Find details about a variety of programs and services that are available to members of the Canadian Armed Forces extended community.

Additional support services for members

Discover a variety of additional support services for Canadian Armed Forces members.

Harassment prevention

Access information about the prevention and resolution of harassment in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Canadian Armed Forces Transition Services

Learn how the Canadian Armed Forces assists members who have been or who will be released from the forces in making the transition to the civilian workforce.

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