About Operation HONOUR

Operation HONOUR is the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) mission to eliminate harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour in the Canadian military.

Operation HONOUR is based on the principles that:

  • every man and woman who serves their country deserves to be treated with dignity and respect – anything less is simply unacceptable
  • any attitudes or behaviours which undermine the camaraderie, cohesion and confidence of serving members threatens the CAF’s long-term operational success

We are focusing on the victims

The starting point for Operation HONOUR is taking better care of victims with responsive, individualized support across the organization. Commanders at all levels have been directed to be more vigilant in noticing issues as they happen, and more diligent in responding to those affected by it.

This is an Operation

The CAF does not fail on operations. That is why unlike previous attempts to fix this problem, we have adopted an operational approach to eliminating harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour.

CAF Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct

Learn about the team leading policy development, training and education, and performance management to eliminate sexual misconduct in the CAF.

We are measuring and responding to changes on the ground

We are monitoring and measuring the effects of Operation HONOUR and making adjustments as we go. This ensures that the positive culture change Operation HONOUR is designed to deliver actually happens on the ground.

We have new supporting structures

The CAF has established the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (SMRC), the first-ever dedicated independent support centre for CAF members. The SMRC has been established to provide victims the option of reaching out for information or support without automatically triggering formal reporting, and the subsequent investigative and judicial processes that may follow.

What you can do


All CAF members must report any violation of the law, rules, regulations, orders, and instructions that govern personal conduct according to the Code of Service Discipline. This includes bystanders and includes any and all allegations of sexual misconduct.

Offer help to access support

If someone you know in the CAF has been sexually assaulted, you should offer to help them access the type of support that they are comfortable with. Support options include:

Be a good listener

Avoid being judgmental, keep from second-guessing and resist placing any blame on him or her. Simply listen, show interest in what they are saying, and ask what you can do to help.

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