Report an incident

If you need immediate assistance call 911

Call 911 if you need immediate emergency assistance or services such as police, fire and ambulance. You may report an incident of sexual misconduct or sexual assault to your local police.

File a report and start an investigation

You may file a complaint or speak with a member of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS) by calling the office closest to you. The CFNIS is a specialized unit within the Canadian Forces Military Police Group. Members of the CFNIS undergo specialized training depending on their positions in areas such as sexual assault investigations and they also run the Victims Assistance Program.

Pacific region
Telephone: 1-844-489-0569

Atlantic region
Telephone: 1-888-253-5335

Eastern region
Telephone: 1-877 763 3272

Central region
Telephone: 1-888-812-3647

Western region
Telephone: 1-877-290-1019

Borden region
Telephone: 1-866-698-1119