Return to Work Program

DND Civilian Employee Return to Work Program

The DND Civilian Employee Return to Work (RTW) Program provides a comprehensive process to help convalescing employees ease back into the workplace after an illness or injury. This is made possible by temporarily modifying their work schedules and/or duties.  In this Program, supervisors work with affected employees, medical practitioners, Workers' Compensation Boards and union representatives to develop and implement a RTW plan. By committing to open communication, full collaboration and building trust, supervisors and employees can work together to ensure a safe and timely return to work.


For more information, visit the DND Civilian Employee RTW Program page.

Canadian Forces Return to Duty Program

The Canadian Forces (CF) Return to Work (RTD) Program is a personnel management tool that works in conjunction and harmony with other programs and services that provide care and support to ill and injured members. The CF RTW Program provides a framework for enhanced communication between the member, the medical authorities and the Chain of Command, while respecting privacy expectations. The CF RTW Program is a rehabilitation initiative that helps convalescing members ease back into the workplace by adapting schedules and duties to their level of ability. The more supportive the work environment is, the greater the potential for success.


To obtain the name of the nearest CF RTD program coordinator, contact the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) toll free at 1-800-883-6094 or visit the local Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) contact information page.

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