Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour

Any member who has experienced or witnessed harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour of any kind in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has a range of options available to him or her. As a CAF member, you should feel comfortable speaking to your chain of command but if you are not, contact one of the other resources listed here.

Report an assault to police

Call 911 if you need immediate emergency assistance or services such as police, fire and ambulance. You may report an incident of sexual misconduct or sexual assault to your local police.

Support resources for CAF members

Call the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre (SMRC)

Call 1-844-750-1648 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday to Friday to speak with a counsellor.

The SMRC offers confidential, personal, and bilingual assistance to CAF members affected by inappropriate sexual behaviour. The SMRC is available for victims, witnesses and the chain of command.

Alternative/international phone numbers for reaching the SMRC

Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS)

You may file a complaint or speak with a member of the CFNIS by calling the office closest to you. The CFNIS is a specialized unit within the Canadian Forces Military Police Group. Members of the CFNIS undergo specialized training depending on their positions in areas such as sexual assault investigations and they also run the Victims Assistance Program.

Pacific Region

Atlantic Region

Eastern Region
1-877 763 3272

Central Region

Western Region

Borden Region

CAF Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct

Anyone wishing to share their thoughts or concerns on this subject can communicate with the CAF Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct. Please note that this is a positional mailbox and, at this time, the confidentiality of any information you provide cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, if you report a potential criminal or service offence, the information will be provided to the appropriate authorities to be investigated.

CAF Member Assistance Program

The CAF Member Assistance Program is a short-term, problem-solving service that can provide assistance with a variety of concerns, including work-related issues, harassment and sexual assault. CAF members can call 1-800-268-7708, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to speak to, or make an appointment with a professional counsellor.

Health Services Clinics

In many cases, the first point of contact for a CAF member who is experiencing problems is their primary care physician at their local CAF clinic. Medical professionals will offer the necessary help or will refer you to a more appropriate resource. Mental health services are available to provide assessments, as well as short- or long-term counselling.


CAF chaplains are trained to listen without judgment and to provide spiritual support if desired. For a list of local chaplains, email or call 1-866-502-2203.

DND/CAF Ombudsman

The Ombudsman’s Office is here to help you as a direct source of information, referral and education. If you aren’t satisfied with the resolution provided by the existing mechanisms, or if there are compelling circumstances that mean you can’t use the existing mechanisms, we can investigate the matter to make sure you are treated fairly. Call 1-888-828-3626 or email for more information.

What is inappropriate sexual behaviour?

What is inappropriate sexual behaviour?

  • Actions that perpetuate stereotypes and modes of thinking that devalue members on the basis of their sex, sexuality, or sexual orientation
  • Unacceptable language or jokes
  • Accessing, distributing, or publishing material of a sexual nature
  • Offensive sexual remarks
  • Exploitation of power relationships for the purposes of sexual activity
  • Unwelcome requests of a sexual nature, or verbal abuse of a sexual nature
  • Publication of an intimate image of a person without their consent, voyeurism, indecent acts
  • Sexual interference
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Sexual assault
CAF Harassment Process

CAF Harassment Process

It is the responsibility of your chain of command to support you if you are being harassed or discriminated against. However, if your concern is with your chain of command, report the incident one level higher in the chain of command. Alternatively, the complaint may be submitted to the unit Harassment Advisor. The unit Workplace Relations Advisor can help members interpret the harassment policy and how to proceed.

Further support is available to you through your local chaplain or healthcare professionals, the CAF Member Assistance Program and through the Conflict Resolution Centres.

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