Glossary of Terms, Definitions and Contacts

Glossary of terms

CSRT - SM Canadian Armed Forces Strategic Response Team- Sexual Misconduct
DM Deputy Minister
IC2M Integrated Conflict/Complaint Management program
MPLO/CF NIS Military Police Liaison Officer/CF National Investigation Service
SMRC Sexual Misconduct Response Centre

SMRC definitions

Appropriate behaviour Dignity and respect for all; highest standard of conduct
Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviours Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour Unacceptable language/jokes, sexist or sexually demeaning comments, inappropriate pictures, adverse personal relationships4
Sexual Harassment Improper and offensive behaviour directed at another, including sexting and e-mail
Sexual Offences Offences under Code of Service Discipline or the Criminal Code of Canada such as sexual assault, criminal harassment (e.g. stalking, threats)
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Sexual Misconduct Response Centre

Professional counsellors to support you - call 1-844-750-1648



  • We listen without judgement
  • We offer compassion
  • We respect confidentiality
  • We explain your options
  • We help you access services
  • We support your choices

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