The Organization

Organizational Chart

During this fiscal year, the SMRC evolved towards an organization as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: SMRC Organizational Chart

Figure 1: SMRC Organizational Chart

Description of figure 1: Figure 1 displays the SMRC’s hierarchical structure.

Financial Management

The SMRC was allocated and assumed full management of its $2.2 million budget in April 2016. Given that the SMRC was in start-up mode in 2016-2017, the overall expenditures of the SMRC were $1.28 million with the bulk of this in the Response and Support Counselling service. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2: SMRC Actual Expenditures Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Description of Figure 2: Figure 2 has a pie chart that illustrates how the SMRC’s budget of $1.28m was allocated to three areas: Outreach ($189,875); Support & Response Counselling ($738,196.00) and Other ($347,148.00) for costs such as administrative support salaries.


The SMRC Executive Director reports to the Deputy Minister and they meet regularly to discuss plans, results and developments of the SMRC. The SMRC receives guidance from the Canadian Forces Personnel Management Committee and has had the opportunity to speak with the Chief of the Defence Staff on his views of the services the SMRC provides.

Also during this period, the SMRC initiated work with the Canadian Armed Forces Strategic Response Team- Sexual Misconduct (CSRT-SM) on establishing terms of reference for an External Advisory Council to provide advice to both the CAF and the SMRC on addressing harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour.