Public Affairs, Outreach and Awareness Activities

Over the past 12 months, the Centre has expanded its public affairs and outreach activities with the primary objective of increasing CAF awareness of the SMRC and the supportive counselling services it provides to CAF members. The Centre regularly updated information to target audiences using the full range of CAF print, web and social media. All products recognize the Centre’s link to Operation HONOUR from a response and support perspective, an important component of the overall effort to eliminate harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Target audiences were both internal and external to DND with a priority given to military personnel in the CAF community. The audiences can be grouped as follows: CAF members who have experienced harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour, leaders in the Chain of Command, bystanders, and individuals and groups who wished to learn more about the SMRC and its services.

Town halls

In May and June 2016, SMRC personnel conducted seven town halls as indicated in the table below:

Table 1: SMRC Town Halls


5-6 May Edmonton, AB Visit – Town hall for all ranks; 3 Canadian Division Council
11 May Ottawa, ON CAF chaplains and others in the helping professions
11-13 May Petawawa, ON Town hall (All Ranks); Briefing to Commanders
16-17 May Kingston, ON Town hall for all ranks; Briefing to Commanders
24-26 May Gagetown, NB Town hall for all ranks; Briefing to Commanders
30 May Montreal, QC Town hall for all ranks; Briefing to Commanders
31 May Valcartier, QC Town hall for all ranks; Briefing to Commanders

The SMRC engaged directly with over 3,500 CAF members (3,420 members, and 80 members of leadership teams) by participating in town halls and other public events and briefings. In-person interactions with CAF members have proven to be beneficial in educating, dispelling myths on aspects of sexual misconduct and managing expectations regarding services offered. Just as these sessions are important for members to understand the services of the SMRC, the SMRC also receives valuable feedback from directly interacting with members in both formal and informal settings. After participating in these events, a number of members reached out to counsellors at the Centre.


While infographics and content were developed for the web and social media, SMRC recognized the need to expand its awareness more widely across CAF. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the vast territory across which members work and reside, and the fact that formations and units spend a fair amount of time in the field on exercises, SMRC used posters and post cards as more traditional means of communications. To that effect, over the past year, the Centre designed and produced 9,000 post cards, and distributed approximately 6,000 of them across Canada.

Would you like the SMRC to speak to your group/organization, participate in an event or obtain print material?

Email the details of your request to Emilie Faucher, Senior Communications Advisor

Other promotion highlights:

  • Design, production and distribution of 3,500 bookmarks, with complete contact information.
  • Design and production of two bilingual portable roll-up banners, with images and text, used as visual identity at booth/kiosks at various events, such as the Petawawa Cultural and Diversity Festival in March 2017.
  • Maple Leaf and Base Papers – in 2016-2017, SMRC prepared three (3) articles for publication in CAF print publications: Maple Leaf and Base Papers. They appeared in November & December 2016 and March 2017.
  • Delivery of local briefings to various internal stakeholders, including Strategic Joint Staff, Canadian Forces Legal Advisors, Canadian  Forces Health Services and Canadian Forces Intelligence Command.
  • Agent Training to the IC2M on the topic of harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour.
  • Design of a lighted portable nomadic display wall with images and text to enhance public presence at events; a TV monitor incorporated into the wall; table and rack for handout products. Production and final delivery of this product is planned for summer 2017.

SMRC online

  • SMRC web content was reviewed and amended to meet the requirements for
  • Social Media – SMRC had regular Tweets on the DND/CAF twitter account which included contact information, services and values. SMRC tweets were widely read and were timed for weekends when social events were planned.

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