NDHQ Carling Campus

Carling Campus aerial shot

What it is

The NDHQ Carling Campus will consolidate approximately 8,500 Defence Team members from across the National Capital Area, both military and civilian, in a modern and collaborative work environment conducive to the challenging work of Defence.  This consolidation will result in increased efficiencies, strengthen departmental security and reduce accommodation and operational costs.  Through consolidation, the number of locations for National Defence Headquarters in the NCA will be dramatically reduced. The cost-savings created by this move will be approximately $750M over a period of 25 years.

Why this location

The NDHQ Carling Campus has a number of features that make it the best option to consolidate National Defence headquarters operations. The site will meet security requirements; existing municipal and site infrastructure regulations; increased work efficiency standards; and has development potential into the future.  While the consolidated footprint will allow cost efficiencies to accumulate over the years, this consolidation also means closer collaboration and improved effectiveness for the Defence Team. 

The timeframe

In December 2010, Public Works and Government Services Canada announced the purchase of the Carling Campus and identified National Defence as the future occupant.

By 2011, planning began to move National Capital Area - based members of the Defence Team to the new headquarters.

In December 2013, the first phase of the Carling Campus project began, to ensure the Campus’ security and accommodations standards meet Government requirements.

Over the coming years, buildings currently occupied by National Defence will be vacated and personnel will move to the new headquarters or remain in one of the buildings designated for continued use. Migration is expected to begin in late 2015.

How it’s being done

Defence staff will move in a three-phased approach, starting in late 2015.  Preparing the campus for full occupancy is a collaborative effort between National Defence, Public Works and Government Services Canada and Shared Services Canada. The priorities throughout migration are to minimize the impact on Defence Team members and National Defence operations, and to ensure fiscal prudence by maximizing use of pre-existing resources at the Campus.

News Release: Government of Canada to achieve more than $900M in net savings for Canadian taxpayers by consolidating DND headquarters