Doing business

Explore investments in defence equipment and infrastructure, learn about defence procurement, acquiring surplus equipment, developing export markets and the value of employing Reservists.


How to do business with the Department of National Defence

Find information on defence procurement and how to submit advertising opportunities to the Department of National Defence.

Investing in the Canadian Armed Forces

Get information on the investments being made in defence equipment, infrastructure, the environment and science and technology.

Assistance connecting with foreign markets

See how the Department of National Defence and other government departments and agencies work together to connect with foreign markets.

Acquiring surplus equipment

Find out how to purchase or request a donation or transfer of surplus military equipment and learn about other methods used for disposal.

Unexploded explosive ordnance - UXO

Learn about UXOs, explosives used on military training sites but never exploded, and find out how to be safe when living or working near a UXO site.

Engineering support and testing

Take a look at the regulations that ensure the safety, security and effectiveness of military equipment.

Tax & financial information

Find tax information if you are a Department of National Defence supplier.

Employers supporting Reservists

Discover the value of employing Canadian Armed Forces reservists in the civilian workplace and explore information, tools and resources for employers, educators and Reservists.

Grants & contributions

Learn about and apply for funding that National Defence offers to eligible persons, organizations, and businesses.

Military airworthiness

Learn about the roadmap for the Canadian military aviation and the policy documents that regulate the safety of Canada’s military aircraft.

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