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Addressing the stigma of mental health

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  • A plane flies upwards over a Canadian and American flag that are side by side The Air up There!

    Operation NUNALIVUT 2014, bigger and more complex than ever.
    April 23, 2014

  • A delegation of representatives from the Philippine Armed Forces and the Department of Foreign Affairs came to CanadaFilipino-Canadian relationship strengthened after disaster

    Ottawa, Ontario — On November 8th 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, called Yolanda by the people in the Philippines, wreaked havoc across the country and left many without housing and other essential services.
    April 22, 2014

  • Arctic Divers in their Depth

    The Combined Dive Team, made up of 18 members from the Fleet Diving Unit (FDU-A) Atlantic and four Combat divers from 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group have “broken the ice” in Gascoyne Inlet, Nunavut as part of Operation NUNALIVUT 2014. 
    April 22, 2014

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Did you know?

Over 3100 military nurses contributed to the Canadian Armed Forces by caring for the sick and injured during the First World War. This was the only role available to women at the time.

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To all members of the National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces, THANK YOU!! Thank you for continuously working towards peace and safety all over the world. Thank you for keeping Canada safe. I am so grateful to live in a country free from war. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Isobel Rennie, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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