How to Apply

Provided you meet the eligibility criteria, the following forms and documents are required to apply to Bold Eagle: 

Note: Ensure you have a Social Insurance Number card, as this is required upon selection and enrolment into Bold Eagle.

Recruits pose after their rappel down the tower.

Send your completed application forms and supporting documents by facsimile or mail, or deliver in person, to the nearest Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre.  They will review your application and contact you to arrange the necessary processing appointments. The recruiting process steps include (Application Procedure): 

There are a limited number of vacancies by province available for Bold Eagle. Please ensure your application documents are complete and that you apply prior to the application deadline of April 30th each year. However, contact the Recruiting Centre to confirm as there may be occasions where they accept an application after the deadline.

Do not wait until the last minute to apply. The Recruiting Centres will start taking applications beginning in September each year.

You must meet all the suitability requirements to be considered for selection for Bold Eagle. Course details and the necessary travel arrangements will be provided upon selection.

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