About Bold Eagle


Are you an Aboriginal youth living in western Canada or north-western Ontario?

Are you interested in a challenging summer experience that delivers hands-on skills development, encourages teamwork, provides physical fitness and promotes cultural awareness?

Bold Eagle is the program for you! It is a unique summer employment program that combines Aboriginal culture and teachings with military training.

Bold Eagle is a challenging yet rewarding opportunity that helps to develop valuable skills such as self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork, time management, respect and fitness to list but a few.

The six week program is conducted from early July to late August each year.  Are you up to the Bold Eagle challenge?

Apply before April 30th each year.


There are many personal benefits to completing Bold Eagle. You will have the opportunity to grow your self-confidence, self-discipline, teamwork and fitness.

Recruits on patrol during the field training portion of the program

You will find out more about yourself and what you are capable of achieving through hard work, perseverance and reliance on others. You will also have the chance to meet Aboriginal youth from across western Canada. Overall, you will be preparing yourself for the future – wherever that may take you.

Bold Eagle provides the following specific benefits: 

  • Meals and accommodation;
  • Military clothing and equipment;
  • Transportation to and from Wainwright; 
  • Just over $4200 in salary; and 
  • Potential to be awarded secondary school work/career experience credits (arranged with your guidance counsellor).


For those graduates living near Primary Reserve Primary Reserve units, you can continue to serve part-time in the Canadian Armed Forces when you return to your community. This is an excellent part-time career option, and a chance to further your service in the Canadian Armed Forces should you choose this route.

Please NOTE: To continue to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces either full or part-time, you must successfully complete the Canadian Armed Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT). For further details on this requirement please contact the nearest Canadian Armed Forces recruiting center.


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