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When the Department has positions available, we will seek applicants using internal or external staffing processes. Internal processes are open only to persons in the public service while external processes are open to the public. Please note that serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and veterans are eligible to participate in internal advertised appointment processes as follows:

  • Minimum of three years of service
  • Not indeterminately employed in the public service
  • For a period of up to five years after the date of release
  • Area of selection – only the employment equity criterion applies
  • Found qualified to be appointed

External processes are advertised online on the GC Jobs site. When you apply to one of these positions, your résumé/application will be compared against the Statement of Merit Criteria for the position. If you meet the selection criteria, you will be contacted to arrange for a further assessment of your qualifications.

There may also be certain conditions of employment that must be met before you can be offered a position. These conditions include obtaining a security clearance, a medical examination and/or obtaining specific licenses required for the type of work to be performed.

Qualified candidates may be placed in a pre-assessed pool (partially or fully qualified) of candidates. Managers are able to pick qualified candidates from the pool based on the right fit for their organization. The same pool may be used to staff more than one position, so we encourage you to apply.

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