David - Graduate of the Policy Officer Recruitment Programme

Hometown: Saint-Nicolas, QC

Graduate Degree: Master of Political Science, Université Laval

Joined PORP in: 2011

Today: David recently graduated from the program and is currently a Policy Officer in the Directorate of Public Policy, where he is helping the Department recruit and develop new Policy Officers as part of the PORP.


David said: “I applied to the PORP at the end of my graduate studies to continue working full-time on security issues in various regions of the world”.

Why David recommends the PORP:

“Since my hiring as a PORP member in 2011, I have acquired a diversified experience within the Department. ”

“I recommend the PORP to anyone with an interest in defence and security issues considering a career in the public service because the program offers the possibility to work on these questions from various angles right from the start .” 

Highlights of his favourite experiences in the PORP:

  • Parliamentary Affairs: during this assignment, David enriched his knowledge about Canadian parliamentary processes.
  • Western Hemisphere: David was the desk officer responsible for policies related to Canada-United States defence relations and different aspects of Canadian Armed Forces operations in Canada. During this posting, David was part of the Canadian delegation that went to a workshop in Washington D.C. to discuss the implementation of some elements of the Beyond the Border agreement between Canada and the United States.
  • A global strategic perspective: David’s work at the Directorate of Strategic Analysis enabled him to work on South and Southeast Asia files.
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